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Love is in the details… a dovetailed cotton to ensure the mattress doesn't shift on your foundation.

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Natural Latex Support:

Achieving optimal spinal alignment starts with outstanding support.

You’ll feel the difference with our superior quality, natural Dunlop latex foam.

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Natural Memory Foam:

Our claim to fame, natural memory foam.

Taking health, comfort and sleeping cool to a whole other level, our patented natural foam will relieve your pressure points and cradle your curves.

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Wholebody Recovery:

Our patented molding process fuses layers together. 

The result is exceptional support and an ease of movement to optimize REM which you'll only find in our Wholebody Recovery mattresses.  

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Bucaneve Wrap:

Simple, thin, unbleached cotton cover that prevents friction and wear on the mattress.

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Removable Cover:

Custom-made, unbleached organic cotton fabric wraps the surface and is removable for easy washing.

Machinery had to be re-tooled to weave our one-of-a-kind Zebrano cotton fabric exclusively found on Essentia goods.

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Better than a PSL!

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