Buy 1 Acre of Rainforest for $15

buy-an-acre.jpgHere’s your opportunity to buy 1 acre of rainforest for just $15.

The rainforest is being burned for soy and palm plantations as well as to raise cattle.

The rush for Biofuels is also fueling this destruction and according to Greenpeace “a handful of international corporations are ultimately responsible for the slashing and burning of Indonesia’s peatland forests for food, fuel and laundry detergent. Some of the best known brands in the world are literally cooking the climate.”

Approximately 1 acre per second, or 86,400 acres per day are lost through tropical deforestation which accounts which accounts for 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Buy 1 acre of rainforest for just $15.

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  1. Care-ot

    how many acres can i buy at one time?

  2. Gidinho

    Do you accept PS3 games in exchange to an acre?

  3. Ryan

    Can I live on the land?

  4. Sal

    This organisation is Conservation International. Harrison Ford is the patron of it. My sister just bought 3 acres for $45.00 off them and is $15.00 for one acre and $75.00 for 5 acres. Is amazing. $15.00 is like £9.50 for us in England and one acre is equal to 16 tennis courts or a football (soccer pitch) go do it!

    • John

      This seems extremely cheap. How many acres in total are being bought and where exactly? And how is it protected after it is bought

  5. lyndon howson

    hi im interested in buying and protecting 10 acres of the rain forest however i would like to know will i own it and will i have all rights to the pieces of land. will i have a deed of owwnership because i do want to protect animals because i want to do my part in saving the world. but i want to know if id own the deed so if the organisation is ever forced to sell you wont sell my land i hope you understand where im coming from because you never knoe in 40 years you might have to sell but i would want my land to stay so would i recieve the deed.

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