New York


Essentia New York: Celebrating 5 Years!

As the song goes: “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere… New York, New York”! It’s only fitting that our New York mattress store shares its anniversary month with the company. It was, after all, one of our  first US locations along…

Embracing Simplicity

Especially in cosmopolitan cities we see a constant desire for “more.” The assumption being that excess is the ideal.  Manhattan, with its skyscrapers, crowed shops, and glittering runways, is the poster child for materialism.  Just walk down the street on trash night; the mountains of…

Kombucha in NY (on tap)!

                  I was first turned on to this fizzy, fermented concoction a few years back by some fellow coop members who were buying it up off the shelves faster than I could re-stock it.  I had no…