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11th October 2017
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Essentia Stratami Highest Rated Foam Mattress by Consumer Reports

If there is one name that has been the standard in the product review space, it’s Consumer Reports. With over 5000 products tested each year, this nonprofit organization consistently cranks out unbiased rating and reviews of products and services that we buy daily.

In fact, they’re so good at what they do that we had no idea Essentia was on their radar until the newly released Best Mattresses in Consumer Reports’ Tests hit the web with exciting results: the Essentia Stratami organic latex mattress was at the top of the list as one of the highest rated foam mattresses, recommended by Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports tested mattresses for support for people of all sizes: small, average, large, in every sleeping positions. For example, for a side sleeper, they explain that a part of the process includes graphing points along the spine and measuring how much they deflect from a straight line. For a mattress to score well in this test the points must remain in line and fairly parallel to the mattress surface.

Essentia Stratami Consumer Reports Scorecard:

Essentia Stratami Consumer Reports Score Card

Essentia mattresses come with a 20-year warranty, in fact, we’re so confident in our product that should something happen to your mattress under warranty you get a brand new one in the first 10 years! A big part of the Consumer Reports test included lifespan of the mattress in which they use a 308-pound roller, pushed across the mattress 30,000 times to mimic the typical 8 to 10-year lifespan of a traditional mattress. The Stratami rated excellent in this test, and at a 6 on the firmness.

The Stratami was also the only model to rate an Excellent on the Consumer Reports scale for stabilization. This test rates how much you will feel movement in the mattress if you are a couple, the higher the stabilization score the more easily you are able to change sleeping positions.

With an overall score of an 81, it’s awesome to see our Essentia organic latex mattress take the top spot in this category. You can’t go wrong when you combine patented technology, quality components, and strict quality standards in Essentia’s GOLS and GOTS certified factory. By adding an Essentia mattress to your household you can breathe easy knowing your mattress will stand the test of time as you experience truly therapeutic sleep.

Consumer Reports Stratami Highs and Lows

If you have a Consumer Reports account, you can read the full Stratami review here

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