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Rock Salt Alternatives

Doctors have been telling us for years that too much salt isn’t good for us. Turns out, it isn’t good for the environment either.

5 million tonnes of rock salt is spread across Canadian roads each year according to a 2001 Environment Canada report.

Rock salt is inexpensive and effective but it’s a real threat to the environment.  It is killing trees, contaminating waterways and groundwater, killing vegetation, damaging bridges, rusting out cars due to corrosion and poisoning wildlife.

Environment Canada and Health Canada have recommended that it be listed under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999.

Once the salt gets into the environment it doesn’t leave. It does not breakdown or evaporate.

Try to reduce the amount of salt or alternatives as much as possible.  Use as little as needed to melt the snow or ice.   Using it before a snow fall will help reduce the needed amount.

When possible sweep up  salt and de-icer to prevent the build up being washed into waterways.  On very cold days don’t even apply any deicing product at all because  it won’t work.

Experts agree that the greenest alternative is simply some elbow grease.


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