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The Toronto Plastic Bag Ban Baggage

THE Bag Ban

Toronto is fast approaching its deadline to totally eliminate plastic bags in retailers, grocery stores, etc. Are we really ready to lose the bags?

Well, First of all -> Without making the assumption that everyone in Toronto is ignorant on this, I can only take the stance from my point of view that, which is that NO ONE is prepared. The Toronto plastic bag ban isn’t a state of emergency situation, BUT this is something that we as a city, need to prepare for. Pretty soon we will start to hear that soneso isn’t following the bag ban.. and soneso is getting fined for selling five cent bags … I might be calling wolf too soon.. But maybe we should start the public awareness and education on alternatives and solutions for shopping. I’ve had the thought of this cross my mind a couple times recently, and my Big question is; how am I to replace plastic bags in my life? I use my plastic bags more than once, usually a few times… to go to parties/ visits so I don’t lose yet another reusable, for my cats litter box, or garbage’s … I’ve never had to purchase a medium size bag because I’ve always had the option to just reuse my (used to be free, but is now 5 cents) bag.

“We’ve made a lot of dumb decisions, but this one takes the cake,” Ford said in June 2012 when the motion was passed.

Maybe the worst thing about this ban isn’t that I now have to go and buy bags for my cats poop, but it could be that buying heavy polyurethane reusable bags really might be taking a step back. I am not alone when I say that I RARELY remember to bring my bags to the grocery store. So, I am ALWAYS buying more. Maybe I need 5 more reusable bags … I’m thinking maybe that’s not the right idea. I personally own enough of these variations of multi use bags, and realistically shouldn’t have to buy another one ever again. If it takes a million (give or take -> I exaggerate) years to break down a measly shopping bag, then what are the stats on these heavy Poly bags??

Secondly… Is “single use” the magic word?? If a retailer can push their bags as Multi use, than what is to stop them from using plastic bags or whatever.

“Coun. David Shiner moved a motion to ban retailers from providing customers with “single-use plastic carry-out [shopping] bags, including those advertised as compostable, biodegradable, photodegradable or similar effective Jan. 1, 2013.” 

I would hate to see an influx of worse bags hit the landfills, due to uneducated consumers. The Biodegradable bags were already eliminated in the past because there were no easy recycling solutions in Toronto, but introducing an entirely new policy against bags could create an entirely new issue against the disposal of “reusable” bags. We don’t want to see them filling up the landfills, and even recycling them isn’t a perfect solution either, if we cant come up with a standard product that is common to everyone in Toronto .

I think this is only the beginning of the storm. In January, we shall see the eye of hurricane bag-ban and we should anticipate some big opinions.  Let it Rain.

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