The La-La provides the utmost in health and comfort for your little ones.


Natural Memory Foam

Our Natural Memory Foam is made using hevea milk (rubber tree sap). It feels like the memory foam we all know and love, but it's made without the gunk.

How it

There's nothing worse than a uncomfortable crib mattress. If they don't sleep, you don't sleep.

This is why we designed the La-La natural crib mattress.

A soft, pressure relieving crib mattress that cradles and supports your baby.

& Advantages

To avoid sleep interruptions a crib mattress must address the following elements: blood flow, spinal alignment, body temperature.

Sleep interruptions also occur when the central nervous system is stimulated via exposure to synthetic foams and chemically treated fabrics.

The La-La crib mattress addresses all these elements. The surface layer is an unbleached organic cotton, free of chemical dyes or pesticide residue. The top layer is made from our natural memory foam for comfort and unobstructed blood flow. The support layer below addresses spinal alignment.

If you're looking the most comfortable crib mattress on the market, you've found it.


  • Zebrano Fabric

    Exclusive to Essentia, this unbleached organic cotton cover is durable, breathable and removable for easy cleaning.

  • Bucaneve Wrap

    Thin protective liner to reduce friction wear.

  • Natural Memory Foam

    0.5" 5.25lbs Density Natural Memory Foam comfort layer

  • Natural Support Layer

    4" Seven zoned natural latex support layer. (Dunlop process)

  • SoftGripTM

    Dovetailed cotton to prevent shifting.

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Customer Reviews

We bought the Lala for our little boy. He is too young to say anything but I know he loves it. It's really comfortable.It doesn't have any of those chemical smells that all the other mattresses have. I'm really happy he can sleep and breath well all night long. By Carla. San Anselmo, CA On 11/26/13
After ordering the Energie Opus, we fell in love and ordered a La La for the living room. The La La turns out to be a very versatile piece for our home. It makes a wonderful meditation sitting cushion for two people. Just add a few cushions at the end for the feet and it makes a great adult sized bed. Our overnight guests always complimented how well they slept in it. My husband and I use it to lounge in the living room and to watch our movies on the weekends. The La La is one of the best investments we made. By Anna, Victoria, BC On 11/26/13
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