Dissecting the Cheap Memory Foam Mattress

While many memory foam manufacturers offer quality products, some opt for a cheaper variety of materials and in turn offer lower prices; but a bargain for your pocket books is no bargain for your health. 

Low mattress prices  are directly related to  poor quality mattress materials . 

Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses are Cheap because:

    • They become flat: Cheap memory foams have a tendency to become flat after repeat use due to poor quality materials and foams.
    • The foam hardens: Poor mattress quality means a higher ILD (Indentation Load Deflection), which in turn causes eventual hardening of the foam.
    • Allergic skin reactions: Occur with low quality mattress covers and low quality memory foams due to inexpensive dyes, fabrics and chemicals used.
    • Cheaply manufactured foam is not environment-friendly because the adhesives used contain harmful toxins which deplete the ozone layer.
    • Low quality foam blend compromises mattress performance.


A healthy lifestyle begins with a good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep begins with a premium quality mattress.

Support and Comfort: Low Quality Memory Foam Mattress

Low quality memory foam mattresses result in improper support, which in turn affects joints and muscles.

For 8 hours a night, a low quality memory foam mattress positions your body unnaturally. As a result, proper blood circulation is lost, pressure points build and joints undergo strain. This discomfort causes tossing and turning which is the leading cause of a poor night’s sleep.

Support and Comfort: Premium Quality Memory Foam Mattress

Using a premium quality memory foam mattress greatly improves comfort level because of proper spinal alignment and support.

When proper body alignment is achieved, it allows your body to recovery from stress endured throughout the day. Proper alignment ensures proper blood circulation which is critical for hydrating the spinal cord and repairing body and mind while you sleep.

Premium quality memory foam mattresses will save you from joint pain and back problems, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

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