Benefits of an Organic Crib Mattress

Organic crib mattress manufacturers like Essentia have chosen to do something about the lack of well-made and accountably organic crib mattresses on the market.

Essentia won't do any "dances with words" to avoid talking about any unpleasant stuff that is used in the manufacture of our organic crib mattresses, because we take the greatest of care, using only the best materials, to ensure that our mattresses are well-constructed and consist of green and organic materials.

1) Natural Memory Foam

organic crib mattress

The foam used in their production is made from natural latex memory foam, produced at a firmness that is generally recommended for a good crib mattress.

2) Organic Cotton and Organic Dyes for Mattress Covers

100% organic cotton is what we use to cover our organic crib mattresses. Standard cotton can contain bleach and other chemicals which are undesirable in a mattress which calls itself organic. We use only organic dyes for the styling of our mattress covers. 

3) Removable Waterproofing Cover

Our removable waterproofing cover, sold separately as the Stinky Pad, removes the need for any chemical or other waterproofing on the mattress itself. 

4) No Dust Mites

Natural latex memory foam mattresses are naturally deterrent to dust mites, not having any of the components in them that dust mites are naturally attracted to. 

Dust mites thrive in natural fibres such as wool, coconut and cotton as well as polyester batting. Fibrous material are nesting grounds for dust mites. 

Since the La-La organic crib mattress only has a thin layer of cotton without any batting (nesting ground), it virtually eliminates dust mites which cause respiratory issues.

5) No Glues or Adhesives

At Essentia we don't use any adhesives at all in our organic crib mattress. The 2 layers are simply wrapped in an organic cotton cover. Why use glues?

But... The Cost?

Yes, an organic crib mattress is more expensive than a standard crib mattress. But there is a reason for that. 

A lot of care and special materials go into its manufacture, making it not just an organic mattress for your baby, but a better, healthier mattress for your baby.

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