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+ Why isn't Essentia in my local Store?

Most mattress stores aren't too sure what to make of us. Our mattresses put conventional mattresses into question.

Example: Shopper says "is natural memory foam better for me?". If the mattress guy answer "yes", all the other models are now unhealthy, putting him in a pickle.

That's why we chose to open Essentia stores.


+ What is Natural Memory Foam?

All memory foams on the market are made with petroleum based chemicals except for ours. Wanting something healthier, we developed a natural memory foam. It's more expensive to produce but results in a breathable product that's more comfortable and healthy to sleep on.


+ Why don't you use Wool?

Natural latex is firm and rubbery. Other companies will add wool on top to improve comfort. We top our natural latex with our natural memory foam which is far more pressure relieving than wool.

Since wool is a natural fiber it requires maintenance. It should be washed annually unless chemically treated.

Wool is also used for merchandising purposes. Companies will add organic wool for the story. They also claim it's a natural fire retardant which it is, but wool cannot pass fire proofing tests without assistance. It is always backed with an Fire Retardant chemical.


+ Why should i choose your mattress over other natural mattresses?

Our mattresses are far more comfortable than regular latex mattresses topped with wool. This is why pro athletes choose us when they want the healthiest and most comfortable mattress on the market.

We also test or products for things like VOC's and performance.

In a Nutshell

✓ We manufacturer....not just assemble like over 95% of the industry.
✓ We're never satisfied.... and always improving.
✓ We invented and patented the only natural memory foam in the world.
✓ Our products are natural.
✓ Our products deliver comfort like no other....and we do it using natural components.
✓ We use the most expensive, most natural, best quality natural latex in the world.

Just an example. Mattress industry organic cotton covers have polyester fill and regular unbleached cotton backing. Not good enough. We travelled to Italy, had machinery re-tooled to handle organic fibers and extra wide fabric. It took 2 years but we created one of the few truly unbleached organic covers out there and it's made with organic dyes a well.

That's why people choose Essentia, because they want the best in terms of health and comfort.


+ Is it easy to get used to a memory foam mattress?

It takes 1-4 weeks to adjust to a memory foam mattress if you're used to a spring mattress.


+ Is your natural memory foam heat sensitive?

Yes and No. It's close to 80% less heat sensitive than regular memory foam. Unlike regular memory foam which takes minutes to adjust, our natural memory foam takes seconds. So no matter what your desired room temperature is, our memory foam will have a consistent feel and adjust to your body quickly.


+ Are box springs or foundations required for your mattresses?

The ideal surface for an Essentia mattress is flat, rigid and breathable. So a slatted bed base or foundation with a flat, rigid and breathable surface. Slats should be no more than 2.5 inches apart and not flexible. 

You'll want to avoid slatted bed base with flexible slats and box springs (foundations with springs) since they interfere with the contouring support and durability our mattresses. A surface like this will void our warranty.


+ What is the product care for an Essentia mattress?

Have unanswered questions? Ask your questions here.

For more information, please visit our Learning Center.


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