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Essentia Ottawa

Discover the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world in our Ottawa mattress store, just minutes from downtown Ottawa and 15 minutes from Gatineau.
Closed for Thanksgiving Monday October 12th.

356 Richmond Road
Ottawa, Ontario, K2A 0E8
Phone: 613-695-7422
Opening Hours
10:00 - 8:00
10:00 - 8:00
10:00 - 6:00
12:00 - 5:00



Ottawa and Gatineau finally have memory foam mattresses that are free of toxins and chemicals. Come by our Ottawa mattress store on Richmond Road to find our what all the fuss is about. Our organic mattresses have been features on Canada AM, Dragons Den and Dr. OZ.


"We purchased a Classic mattress for our pre-schooler. One might consider the purchase of a mattress costing thousands of dollars to be somewhat extravagant for a 3 year old, but when you consider this should last her to, if not beyond, university, it is an extremely good deal, not to mention providing her with vital sleep. The only downside is that her jumping up and down on the bed has is somewhat less impressive than when she had a traditional pocket coil mattress - which for the sake of the bed, is a good thing!"


Nick, Ottawa, ON


A few months ago we were at our wits end with back ache and general sleep discomfort with our current brand name matress that we paid dearly for. We decided to bite the bullet and venture into the matress hunting jungle again. By chance we stumbled across Essentia in Westboro in Ottawa.


On our arrival we were greeted warmly by Mitch. He suggested we try outtake matresses on display and take our time. There was no pressure or hovering, what a relief. We do not know if Mich realized that when he indicated we should take our time it would take hours for us to decide and that we would have plenty of questions, but he was obliging and did not rush or push us. He just answered our questions and continued to indicate to us to take our time. Essentias return policy was very reassuring.


The great news is that our investment in a Classic mattress has resulted in the disappearance of our back pain almost immediately and the only fault we have now is that we have trouble getting out of bed in the morning ( just too comfy). Knowing we have a natural product is comforting and yes there is no smell as promised.


Thank you Essentia and Mitch for helping us solve our sleep problems with your fine product and service, which worked just as stated. We continue to recommend our family and friends to you for their sleeping requirements.


Thanks again,


Brian and Jacki Ferguson


Ottawa 356 Richmond Road Ottawa Ontario Canada K2A 0E8

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