Grateful Bed JR

No more playing Goldilocks, our Grateful Bed Jr is new and just right. Your child will love this 6 inch organic mattress, and you'll love the price!
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How it Feels

The Grateful Bed JR is the perfect organic mattress for kids from toddlers to teens, as this 6 inch mattress is made with certified organic latex and wrapped in organic cotton.

Since most kids under 12 weigh half their parent's weight or less, the Grateful Bed Jr will start as a solid medium feel. As our tastes change with age, so can the feel of the Grateful Bed Jr! With more weight, your child will experience a touch more softness, perfect for growing kids!

Suggested maximum comfort weight is 110lbs.

Benefits & Advantages

You'd be hard pressed to find an organic kids mattress, latex mattress or any natural mattress with this level of comfort and support WITH a 20-year warranty at this price. Thankfully you don't have to look any further.

The Grateful Bed JR offers more than an organic mattress, it provides an allergy friendly and clean air sleep environment that offer next level sleep for your most cherished and constantly growing family members.

Layered perfection

  • Removable Cover

    Luxuriously soft, this organic cotton cover is durable, breathable and removable for easy cleaning.

  • Bucaneve Wrap

    Thin protective liner to reduce friction wear.

  • Contour Comfort Layer

    3" GOLS certified organic latex foam with dome-shaped pattern.

  • Organic Support Foam

    3" GOLS certified organic latex foam with dome-shaped pattern.

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