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The Hippocrates Health Institute's Life Transformation Program teaches you how to experience your own recovery to wholeness, but did you know your body’s most vital recovery happens when you least it expect it… during sleep!


We're happy that you have chosen to continue your recovery to wholeness by choosing to sleep on an Essentia mattress in your own home. 


Made using only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, Essentia’s patented natural memory foam is made using hevea milk, organic essential oils, natural plant extracts, and water. This creates a clean air environment, ensuring that you will not be exposed to the toxins found in traditional mattresses. Essentia then takes this innovation a step further by ensuring that that body is properly supported, and all negative space is eliminated to ensure your body can relax and experience true REM and nREM sleep. This means no more tossing and turning or pins and needles! As your body’s weight is evenly distributed across the mattress surface you won’t experience pressure points, allowing for proper blood circulation. These crucial sleep stages are the time when your body truly rejuvenates.Essentia’s patented technology allows them to make the only mattress that addresses all 6 key elements of Wholebody Recovery:


Wholebody Comfort - Experience true elimination of pressure points that can cause numbness and soreness. This allows your blood to properly circulate through your body at night delivering more oxygen to the body and brain. 


Optimized Sleep- Essentia mattresses quickly react to natural movements which occur during sleep, there will be little to no sleep interruptions at night. Experience true REM and nREM sleep each night. 

Proper Posture- By eliminating negative space, Essentia mattresses relieve stress on the lumbar region and provide more support. 

Temperature Control- Essentia mattresses actually wick heat away from the body night, and sleep on average 7 degrees cooler than your body's temperature. 

Clean Air Environment-  Essentia mattresses are made using organic and natural components, reducing VOC exposure. Your immune system won’t spend valuable time at night fighting off airborne toxins and will instead fully focus on your recovery. 

Allergy Friendly-  Tested by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Essentia mattresses are proven to be impervious to dust mites, and not cause latex allergies. Most allergy suffers can rest easy knowing they won't be surrounded by allergens that may cause reactions. 

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