Our newest addition, the Bionda is a supremely soft certified organic latex mattress that defies all reason: no wool or fiber batting to be found here!

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Organic Latex Mattress

The Bionda is that plush certified organic mattress that you've been searching for!

Only when you lay down on the Bionda can you understand how surprisingly supportive and contouring a softer mattress can be. This pillow-top-like-feel with a touch of bounce is what makes the Bionda one of the most comfortable organic latex mattresses you can buy.

Essentia has been revolutionizing sleep, and with the introduction of the Bionda you can now experience a healthy, allergy-friendly sleep surface that offers a plush softness you won't find anywhere else.

Benefits & Advantages

Unlike other organic mattresses, the Bionda delivers a pillow-top like experience without the thick wool or cotton fibers that dust mites love. No nesting grounds mean allergy sufferers and anyone affected by dust mites can now breathe a little easier.

The Bionda features 2 layers of our exclusive dome shape contour latex surface that allow more air between the surface and the body, reducing pressure and giving that softer feel. The Bionda is unique as you can sleep on either side of the mattress and still experience the same comfort.

The Essentia Lifestyle collection offers certified organic mattresses, but better! By choosing a non-toxic mattress made with our certified organic latex foam, you know you’ll be sleeping on an intensely comfortable, allergy-friendly mattress that offers you a clean air environment.

Layered perfection

  • Removable Cover

    Luxuriously soft, this organic cotton cover is durable, breathable and removable for easy cleaning.

  • Bucaneve Wrap

    Thin protective liner to reduce friction wear.

  • Contour Comfort Layer

    3" GOLS certified organic latex foam with dome-shaped pattern.

  • Organic Support Foam

    2" GOLS certified organic latex foam (dunlop process) for durability and comfort.

  • Contour Comfort Layer

    3" GOLS certified organic latex foam with dome-shaped pattern.

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