Essentia & Stay Well Partnership

Developed by Delos, Stay Well™ is transcending hospitality by incorporating a myriad of in-room design features, amenities, and services to help maximize the guest experience and minimize the impact that travel has on the human body. Combining medical research with engineering and technological advancements into hotel rooms, Stay Well sets the new standard in hospitality. 

In collaboration with an advisory board whose member include Deepak Chopra and some of the most trusted clinical research teams from Columbia University Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, and The Mayo Clinic. The Stay Well Standard focuses on indoor air quality, lighting, physical comfort, and psychological impacts in the hotel environment.

One of the biggest aspects of a stay in a hotel is the sleep experience that each guest enjoys. In building out the Stay Well room, the mattress became the top priority. Delos vetted hundreds of mattresses before choosing Essentia to manufacture the Stay Well mattress. 

The Stay Well mattress by Essentia is an unrivaled sleep experience on the world’s healthiest mattress that you can find in Stay Well certified rooms.

Delos & Essentia

“The Delos organization has spent over seven years researching and partnering with best in class companies, bringing forth technologies that fit our core belief and standards surrounding wellness. As the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate, Delos created the WELL Building Standard, which works in tandem with LEED Certification to promote healthy indoor environments.

In the process of selecting a “Healthy Mattress” for our Signature Division and Stay Well Program for hospitality, we evaluated and systematically vetted over a hundred mattress companies and manufacturers before choosing Essentia.  We have used the same rigor in this search as we've applied across all of our verticals, and have tested and substantiated Essentia's results. The products we select for our program are paramount to our integrity as a company, and we enthusiastically recommend Essentia's mattress as best in class -- not only related to comfort, sleep, and posture alignment, but also as it pertains to low VOC off-gassing and health related matters.”  

- Peter Scialla Partner / COO Delos

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