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The mattress that changed it all

We make the only natural memory foam. It's healthy, sleeps cool and in short, is the perfect organic mattress for your modern family.

The World's Healthiest Mattress

That's just one reason to get into bed with us.

Looking for a smarter, healthier approach to sleep? Our mattresses are made from rubber tree sap and known for being outrageously comfortable. Youll find them recommended by pro athletes, celebrities and health gurus alike.

Organic mattresses don't need to feel organic, we promise. It's time to discover next level sleep.

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Need Help Choosing the Right Mattress

So you are...
  • An active person
  • An athlete
  • In pain
  • Retired
  • No idea...
  1. Whether it's injury prevention or recovery from your everyday active lifestyle, we can help. Our natural memory foam mattresses deliver comfort like no other.

    It's time to supercharge your sleep.

  2. "I bet you every guy in the league will have one within five years" said Matt Duchene, Colorado Avalanche's top player in Denver Post.

    The science behind our ProCor™ Bed helps athletes achieve peak performance.

  3. Whether it's hip, neck or back pain an Essentia mattress is the quick and easy solution to feeling better, fast.

    Because there's nothing better than living pain free.

  4. Don't you just love retirement? Our organic mattresses make sure you wake up ready to take on the world like no other.

    Get ready to feel the Essentia difference, every day.

  5. This one's easy. Proper blood flow, skeletal support and steady REM sleep are what our next generation memory foam mattesses are all about. Dig in.

    It's time to LOVE your bed again.

It's all about Reputation

We haven't grown this fast and gotten this much media attention by being less than amazing in bed.

  • The Huffington Post

    Dave Burdick of The Huffington Post chose an Essentia pillow as one of his Eco fabulous picks.

  • Ideal Bite

    Ideal Bite featured Essentia’s ergonomic pillow as one of their “Wanna ZZZ on Safer Pillows”.

  • Dragons Den

    Jack Dell’Accio presented Essentia and our sleep products to the panel of CBC’s hit show.

  • Mama Natural

    Essentia is featured on Mama Natural. Genevieve, known to her followers as Mama Natural, dug.

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