The Best Memory Foam Mattress in the World

Essentia Difference

in short.......

1) The world's only Natural Memory Foam.
2) Natural = Breathable 
3) Outrageously comfortable & healthy

See how Essentia compares to the rest.

Essentia Difference

in long...

Comfort & Support

Memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and spring mattresses. Competition falls short in all tests.

Comfort vs. Support



Pressure Relief

Comfort is determined by pressure relief. With Essentia mattresses, pressure points are eliminated so there's proper blood circulation, no tossing and turning. The result is an undisturbed, restful nights sleep. Pressure relief for Essentia's memory foam is an astounding 12.25 mmHg @ 200lbs. See Essentia vs other Memory Foam.

Sleeping in the wrong position every night affects your health. Spinal alignment is particularly important for proper disc re-hydration, blood circulation and an overall recuperative sleep. Our medical support mattresses are engineered for superior spinal alignment, support and comfort.

Essentia mattresses are easily among the best memory foam mattresses on the market.



How long should a mattress be comfortably supportive? 20 years+

- Spring mattresses lose 16% of their support in the 1st year. 
- Memory foam mattresses are similar to couch foam when it comes to durability. Some lose support rather quickly, others feel good for years.
- Latex foam mattresses can last almost as long as Essentia mattresses depending on their quality.


Read more on how green our products and process is. 



Mattresses are surprisingly unhealthy. We do our best to address this.
Most mattresses start with petrochemicals, harsh glues, chemically treated fabrics and are a breeding ground for dust mites and other allergens.

Essentia mattresses are designed with your health in mind starting with a foam that's hivea milk based, GREENGUARD certified glues and organic fabrics. 

Essentia Natural Memory Foam

Breathability is a common and major complaint among memory foam mattress owners. This is because even the best memory foam mattresses on the market are synthetic and made from petrochemicals. Essentia's natural memory foam is breathable. By replacing many ingredients with natural ones such as natural latex, essential oils, plant extracts and water we've created a healthier alternative to petroleum based synthetic memory foam mattresses.


Benefits of our Natural Memory Foam

a) Natural = Breathable.Benefits of Natural Memory
Result: Breathes like cotton, not polyester. No trapped heat. You won't get hot and sticky. 

b) A foam that has been tested by Columbia Labs.

c) A product than doesn’t pollute during manufacturing. 


Our employees don’t need protective gear and benefit from a safe work environment.

Exclusive Molding Technology

All mattresses are composed of layers. Both spring and memory foam mattresses are composed of layers. Some Essentia models such as ourBeausommet and Dormeuse use our patented molding technology. Molding them together creates a permanent bond and exceptional and unique comfort explained here. All our other mattresses contain GreenGuard certified adhesived.

Visit our page on mattress adhesives for more information. 

Fire Retardants (FR)

All mattress sold in the United States as of 2007 are required to pass an FR test. Essentia uses a Kevlar based fire retardant. We wrap our mattresses in this fabric, the same fabric found in bulletproof vests.

Visit our page on fire retardants in mattresses for more information.