Baby Jeanius

Natural crib mattress for your little ones made with organic cotton and the World's only Natural Memory Foam.


Natural Memory Foam

Our Natural Memory Foam is made using hevea milk (rubber tree sap). It feels like the memory foam we all know and love, but it's made without the gunk.

How it

An overall healthy night’s sleep is what the Baby Jeanius crib mattress is all about.

We topped an organic cotton support layer with our pressure relieving Natural Memory Foam for a comfortable and healthy sleep surface.

Expect the Baby Jeanius to offer a firm yet comfortable nights sleep.

& Advantages

Like all Essentia products there are no plastics, vinyl or chemically treated fabrics in this crib mattress. The Baby Jeanius is among the most natural and safest organic crib mattresses on the market.

Meeting all government standards, this natural crib mattress passes all federal and state flammability standards using a Kevlar fabric, the same fabric found in bullet proof vests.


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Customer Reviews

I bought the Baby Jeanius after testing out a friend's. it's just about the right amount of firmness and I never get back aches like I used to on my spring mattress. I find myself not wanting to get out of bed sometimes, I love it. I ordered by phone and the rep was nice and helpful. Getting a status on shipping was a little difficult since it was shipped by courier, but I eventually got it fine. By Viet, Longbeach, CA On 11/26/13
We purchased the Baby Jeanius for our 3 year old son (will be his bed for a very long time). We wanted a quality mattress that we could be at ease with (zero off gasing and VOC free). I can't believe the difference in his sleep habit just after three nights. Our son used to be a "toss and turn" sleeper in his crib. The first night he slept in his new Baby Jeanius, he woke up in the same position. I asked him "how was your sleep" his reply "awesome" The only negative, the wife and I now find ourselves sneaking a nap our two in his bed. Just gonna have to get one for ourselves. Fantastic product. Very satisfied. By Moose, Brampton, On On 11/26/13
This Baby Jeanius mattress is amazing. I took a pretty big risk by purchasing it online without ever having tried it out first. Based on the multiple reviews I've read and the sale that was going on, I knew it was finally time to pull the trigger. Going from a box-spring and coil mattress to this is like night and day. I've only had it for three nights and I already sleep completely through the night and wake up refreshed without any back/hip pain or soreness. No more springs poking me, no more dust mites, no more dips in certain spots of the bed, no chemical smells. The firmness is just right and I am beyond impressed with how comfy it is. Being totally natural and made here in Canada is also a huge deal for me. The price is well worth it to know I will finally have great sleeps for many years to come. This is an investment that will pay itself off in no time. Plus the free pillows from the sale were a big bonus! I recommend this to anyone looking for the best quality and comfort in a mattress. I'm very happy and impressed with Essentia! By Jared G - Toronto, ON On 11/26/13
I am totally impressed with Essentia. We own 3 Baby Jeanius mattresses. As parents of large twin infants (25 pounds each) our backs are aching all day. It is a huge relief to flop down on the Baby Jeanius. We fall asleep instantly and if we weren't woken up by the babies, would sleep like rocks. It is firm and supportive, but gives enough to form to the contour of ones body. I plan to order a couple more for the guest rooms and plan on getting the Baby Jeanius for both. Essentia personnel are great to deal with and the delivery is easy and on time. By Abigail On 11/26/13
At nearly 60 years old, ongoing back and neck challenges have made finding a comfortable mattress unusually difficult. After a year of ten unsuccessful mattress trials I finally purchased a Baby Jeanius. With conclusive success, my search for a comfortable mattress has ended. Firmly comfortable, this mattress remains outstanding. By Relieved and content On 11/26/13
My family loves our new mattress! We bought the Baby Jeanius, and we have been enjoying it immensely. My husband and I are parents and we took to sleeping with our as a way for everyone to get more sleep. We knew that "bed sharing" can be a controversial subject so we started doing research on how to best do it safely. After reading James McKenna's book "Sleeping with your baby- a parent's guide to co-sleeping", we learned that pillow top mattresses are not appropriate if you are sleeping with an infant. A firm mattress with no pillow top is suggested. Your mattresses fit the bill perfectly.
Our research also uncovered the shocking materials used in the construction of conventional mattresses, and their detrimental effects on health, particularly on the health of children. So, we found your company, and purchased a new mattress without a second thought. Obviously Essentia mattresses are more expensive, but you can't put a price on peace of mind. Thanks for that. By Andrea, Stillwater Lake, NS On 11/26/13
I purchased my Essentia memory foam mattress because I was having trouble with aching hips in the morning. I noticed an improvement after a few nights on my essentia mattress and after one month, I know longer wake with pain in my hips. I find the mattress very different from my soft waterbed, so I needed to get used to the firmer feel, however, I do find it very comfortable and am very happy with my purchase. By June, Mississauga, ON On 11/26/13
We waited too long to get a REAL mattress. We noticed the difference of an Essentia mattress the first night. We sleep better and we feel better, there is only one problem - we are spending too much time in bed now! By Janie, Toronto, ON. On 11/26/13
The Essentia Baby Jeanius mattress is the best I've ever owned or used. It's been more than 6 months and I have yet to find anything to complain about - very comfortable and great materials. Try it. You'll never go back. By Anonymous On 11/26/13
We purchased the Baby Jeanius about 3 months ago. Our old mattress was a soft coil mattress with a pillow top.

The first thing I noticed was that this mattress was much firmer than our previous. The firmness was not a factor in the comfort of the bed. I found it to be much more comfortable than our previous. Often with our old mattress I would sleep on my side and suffer from 'dead' arm. Since purchasing our new mattress I have not had a single 'dead' arm awakening.

I have had ongoing neck problems and a lower back pain that was brought on by the previous mattress. My lower back pain went away within days. My neck pain has only slightly improved, however, in fairness to the mattress I tense my neck while I sleep which only seems to be corrected through frequent chiropractic care.

Essentia themselves are very easy to do business with and answered all our question promptly. Overall I would recommend this mattress to anyone that can afford the Baby Jeanius and is mindful of environmental toxins, likes supporting Canadian companies, and enjoys a good nights sleep! By David and Krista On 11/26/13
I have a customer who needed a replacement mattress cover. I called corporate and it took 3 weeks for a response. I was quoted $150.00 for a king sized cover by their NY store (spoke to Carlos) then when I went to purchase it they changed the price to $295.00. So I called corporate and they told me sorry out of stock they only have the organic cover for over $400.00. Due to the fact that I got upset which I had a right to due to all of the excuses, Ester from customer service got very nasty and hung up on me. Horrible customer service and the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. By Name Kelvin Parris On 11/26/13
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