Essentia's Calgary mattress store is now open. Now's you chance to try these natural memory foam mattresses. Organic mattresses with the comfort of memory foam. Comfort and health.



"Essentia Classic 8 is by far the best mattress I have ever owned or tried. A perfect balance of firmness to plush and super breathable. Great service as well."

Michael, Calgary, AB


"Essentia's products may seem expensive but when you factor in the quality construction and the time you spend laying on your bed and pillow they are worthy investment. The Beausommet is great, my wife and I love their products and we would never purchase a traditional mattress and pillow again!"

John, Ontario, ON.

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Quick Overview

You'd be surprised how people much care about their health and the environment in oil country. Essentia's organic mattresses have been gaining in popularity ever since they opened on Kensington . Come see what these natural memory foam mattresses are all about.


Pursuit of Happiness

2014-03-13 - 2014-04-13


Essentia Calgary invites you to afternoon tea and the opening of internationally acclaimed Artist, Anna Duyunova on March 23 at 2pm. Anna Duyunova has previously exhibited in Canada, USA, Italy, France, Russia, and Kazakhstan.

Over the years Anna has developed her own artistic style based on the traditions of some European and Asian artistic Divisions, like Synthetism, with its usage of vivid colours and some simplifications of forms. Anna expresses, “My passion is to draw with pen and ink. I found the philosophy of life in this black and white unity. Sometimes I feel a need for color, and I add to my black and white compositions some burst of colours. It brings a lot of new and fresh themes, and gives me the new opportunities to express my feelings and thoughts.”

Please join us at Essentia Calgary for Tea and light refreshments. You will be able to meet this talented artist during this relaxing and social afternoon event.

Anna Duyunova’s art will be showcased at Essentia Calgary through April 14.