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Essentia Calgary

Discover the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world at Essentia's mattress store in Calgary. They're made in Canada!

Calgary, Alberta, T2N 3P1
Phone: 403-270-0320
Opening Hours
10:00 - 6:00
10:00 - 6:00
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    05 October 2014
    Calgary - October 5

    Join us on Sunday, October 5, from 2pm - 4pm for a special afternoon tea with renowned local artist Carmen Frank.

    Experience the Go West - Strokes of Colour exhibit to see Carmen's true passion come to life on canvas. Inspired by nature, Canadian landscapes and vivid colours these acrylic paintings are sure to please your senses.

    You won’t want to miss the chance to explore Carmen Frank’s work in such an intimate setting with the artist herself.

    Get a chance to take some comfort home with you! Sign up to win a Essentia Comfort pillow ($129 value).

    The artwork of Carmen Frank will be on display October 2nd to November 6th 2014.
  • Metaphysical Fields: Encaustic Paintings Exhibit
    12 September 2014
    Calgary - September 12

    Join us on Friday, September 12, 6pm to 8pm for an evening of beautiful art by Barbara La Pointe, fine wines and cheeses.

    Barbara's art practice explores the metaphysical and spiritual truths of our universe. Her paintings are based on her clairvoyant experiences and from her meditative practice.

    Each painting came to life from the ancient discipline of Encaustic and are made from pure Alberta bees wax.

    Get a chance to take some comfort home with you! Sign up to win a Essentia Comfort pillow ($129 value).

    Barbara La Pointe's exhibit will be on display until October 1st.



Essentia's Calgary mattress store is now open. Now's you chance to try these natural memory foam mattresses. Organic mattresses with the comfort of memory foam. Comfort and health.


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You'd be surprised how people much care about their health and the environment in oil country. Essentia's organic mattresses have been gaining in popularity ever since they opened on Kensington . Come see what these natural memory foam mattresses are all about.




"Essentia Classic 8 is by far the best mattress I have ever owned or tried. A perfect balance of firmness to plush and super breathable. Great service as well."


Michael, Calgary, AB


"Essentia's products may seem expensive but when you factor in the quality construction and the time you spend laying on your bed and pillow they are worthy investment. The Beausommet is great, my wife and I love their products and we would never purchase a traditional mattress and pillow again!"

John, Ontario, ON.