Essentia Chicago

Get ready to try the only natural memory foam mattresses in the world, first hand at our Chicago mattress store in Lincoln Park.

2118 North Halsted Street
Chicago, Illinois,
Phone: 773-327-6300
Opening Hours
10:00 - 6:00
10:00 - 6:00
10:00 - 6:00
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Essentia, The World's only Natural Memory Foam Mattresses have arrived with its Chicago mattress store located in the trendsetting Lincoln Park neighborhood.

Essentia mattresses are renowned throughout North America and have been promoted by some of the biggest stars on television-Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, Anderson Cooper and many more. We are the hybrid of luxuriously comfortable and natural / organic. Whether you're looking for a memory foam mattress that's healthy or an organic mattress you'll want to stop by our Chicago store.



    22 January 2016

    DREAM STATE Group show collective featuring local Chicago artists: Adriana Poterash, Frank Styburski, John Zajac, and Lorca Jolene

    A journey focused on spiritual expression, abstract thought, and the connection between dreams and our daily lives.
    2118 North Halsted Street
    Chicago, IL

Customer Reviews

  • Best thing we ever did for ourselves.
    by from Chicago, IL
    We tried the Beausommet in the store, but the Dormeuse won us over. Total back support and combines features of the other lines. We love all their models, but we slept like babies on the Dormeuse. Not sure how we tolerated our old conventional mattress all those years. yikes. Best thing we ever did for ourselves, getting this mattress.
  • Personable and professional.
    by from Kansas City, MO
    I inquired about your product by calling the main phone number and my luck led me to Thomas who answered the phone. Thomas was patient, kind and asked questions to understand my sleeping pattern. I actually had another bed picked out and after speaking with him, we decided another product would fit me better. I then set an appointment to meet him at the Chicago store (I flew from Kansas City to Chicago) to look at the beds. I brought my girlfriends with me that day and when we walked in and I asked for Thomas and he knew right away that it was me and replied, " Kay happy to meet you". Thomas took the time to answer further questions, double checked by sleeping position to my bed choice and was personable and professional. My girlfriends were extremely impressed by his customer service and commented as so. I love my new bed and the service was top notch, thanks to Thomas. I give the service and product 5 stars.
  • The best sleep of my life
    by from Chicago, IL
    I was very happy when the new store opened up and we were able to test out the beds to find the perfect fit. I brag to my friends and family about our mattress and have been getting the best sleep of my life waking up without any muscle or joint pains.

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