The ultimate marriage of firmness and pressure relief. The Beausommet is all about promoting repair and recovery of body and mind.


Natural Memory Foam

Our Natural Memory Foam is made using hevea milk (rubber tree sap). It feels like the memory foam we all know and love, but it's made without the gunk.

How it

Enjoy a firmer feel? The Beausommet delivers it unlike any other and with remarkable pressure relief.

Designed to give you the illusion of a firm mattress, the Beausommet contours the body where needed with outstanding support. It's a buoyant feel you'll adore from the get-go.

A firm feeling mattress, without the pain... finally.

& Advantages

Exclusive to the Beausommet and Dormeuse is our patented Wholebody Recovery ® technology.

This technology lifts the Beausommet to a whole other level. The top layer of foam recovers faster for ease of movement, optimal blood flow and support with a touch of softness. The second layer delivers added extraordinary support and pressure relief, cradling you into the dedicated support layer below.

It's specifically designed as an incubator to promote repair and recovery of body and mind, a whole life balance only achievable with an Essentia.

Pro athletes use the Beausommet to recover from the grind... and so will you.


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Customer Reviews

The Beausommet is the best mattress I've ever slept on! By Andrew, Los Angeles. CA On 11/26/13
We purchase the Beausommet mattress a few months ago to replace a very expensive box-spring mattress. We were a bit hesitant at first to go with this particular model because it was the most firm one on offer: I for one am glad we did. The support is fantastic and there is no trace of rigidity... which is incredible for a mattress. This was a fantastic upgrade, and well worth the investment as a good night's sleep is worth its weight in gold! As a quick side note... this is a VERY heavy mattress, so make sure you have some help with you to set it up! By Tyler, Edmonton. AB On 11/26/13
I've just had spinal fusion surgery and my new Dormeuse is fabulous. I was comfortable the minute I got out of the hospital. Thanks so much for helping me to get my sleep back! I really appreciate Essentia's wonderful feel, other memory foams I tried made me sweat or freeze. My Essentia mattress is PERFECT! By Alexandra, Fredericton, NB On 11/26/13
Our Beausommet is fabulous. It took about a week to get used to, since it was so different from our old mattress (really old--27 years!). But one morning I woke, and my first conscious thought was "I love this mattress." AND my back feels better, and I feel I'm sleeping better. The only tiny problem can be making myself get out of bed. By Susan, Toronto, ON. On 11/26/13
We purchased our Beausommet just over five months ago and we've never slept better in our lives! When getting into bed at night we regularly say something like "This is such an amazing bed" or "Best money we've ever spent." We don't toss and turn like with our old mattress, we both sleep much more soundly (with less snoring!) and we wake up feeling so much more refreshed. We originally decided to shop for a new mattress because I had been suffering from (worsening) back pain for a couple of years, but I'm already SO much better! Seriously, best purchase EVER. By Susan, Montreal, QC On 11/26/13
The Beausommet is an incredibly comfortable mattress. Firm enough to support the back and forgiving enough for side sleeping as well. I suffered from back and hip pain for several months before switching, and have not had any problems since! By Prakash, San Francisco, CA On 11/26/13
I waited an awhile to write this review so that I could be sure that everything I say about the mattress is accurate and true. Other than the roof over my head, there is nothing more precious in my home than my Beausommet mattress. I love it. I love sleeping on it, love the way it makes me feel physically, and even mentally knowing that Im sleeping on something that is as natural as it can get. Its just the right choice. Im going to take a nap right now! Mike De From Vaughan Ontario By Mike, Vaughan, Ontario On 11/26/13
We are very pleased with our Beausommet mattress. Each night's sleep is truly restorative to the body, and we wake renewed and refreshed. This mattress has done much to relieve my chronic lower back issues, and my wife's reactions to chemicals in standard commercial mattresses. We look forward to laying down each night for a therapeutic rest. By Andrew, Vancouver, WA On 11/26/13
...Well, it's been almost two years since we purchased our Beausommet mattress and absolutely love it! We are a very skeptical couple on purchases like this (especially since we purchased this site unseen) but have never, ever regretted it.

My husband had lower disc surgery and was in quite alot of pain afterward. I was experiencing lower back pain (occurring by the morning) which was due to our supposedly "great pillow-top" mattress. After sleeping in our new Beausommet for only one week, we both noticed a tremondous difference and recommend this bed to anyone who will listen. No more pain and a great nights sleep. The pillows are wonderful too.

I have never posted a review on any product before but I had to say how much we love it. "Two thumbs up"! By Susan, Medicine Hat, AB On 11/26/13
We absolutely love the Beausommet mattress, the ergomic pillow (mine) and the spa pillow (Joyce's). We're only a month or so in, but it's everything we expected it to be ( insanely comfortable) and more.

We knew it was going to be a heavy mattress. We bought an "affordable" basic platform bed before it arrived but after putting it together we knew that there was no way it would do. It wasn't particularly solid and the distance between the slats was 4 or 5 inches. After hunting around for a few weeks turned up nothing suitable, we made a quick call to the Essentia support line to confirm that there should be less than 2.5 inches between the slats and we built our own simple and solid bed frame for about $110.

We're glad we did. The "more" comment is the unexpected fall-out of the mattress's weight. Sheets and blankets stay fitted and stay tucked in. With our old set, we used to completely re-make the bed that and re-adjust the mattress on the box spring and frame every day or 2. Maybe because we aren't tossing and turning like we used to, but the Beausommet (and the pillows) stay put. Jump, bump, dive, toss, turn or whatever and this thing just stays put. An intangible sense of quality similar (I imagine) to comparing the different feel & sound of closing the door of a 30 year old Yugo vs. the door of a Mercedes or Lexus.

We're very, very pleased with our purchase.
By Lawrence. Delta, B.C. On 11/26/13
I'm extremely satisfied with the Beausommet mattress. I had troubles in my shoulders and thanks to the right combination of support and cushiness I can sleep on my side a wake up with no noticeable stiffness. By Anonymous On 11/26/13
I have never slept so well! I actually look forward to getting in my comfy bed every night. I don't feel my husband's tossing and turning, so I can sleep my quiet sleep in peace. By Emily, Mahone Bay, NS On 11/26/13
My wife and I greatly appreciated the professional, courteous, informative service we received from Essentia. Our mattress arrived at the door, exactly as arranged. Every night thereafter we have enjoyed the soundest sleeps ever. We are now seriously considering purchasing a second mattress. I will be in touch. Thank you very much for developing this product and delivering what you said. By JK Jenkin, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario On 11/26/13
My Beausommet arrived this afternoon. There were absolutely no odors on the pillows or mattress. My first night's sleep was for six and 1/2 straight hours which is unheard of for me. The mattress offers perfect comfort and support and I cannot wait to see if I can get back to my old 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep of several years ago. I can tell already that this is one of the best investments made in a long time. By Maggie - Grand Cayman Island On 11/26/13
Recently I bought two My Essentia mattresses, both in the queen size. For my husband and myself we got the Beausommet, and for my daughter and her husband we bought the Classic 8 as a wedding gift. All four of us absolutely love these wonderfully supportive and non-off-gassing foam mattresses. I had hip flexer problems with my old bed, and that problem disappeared once I started sleeping on the Essentia foam mattress. We also got the pillows to go along with them for all four of us. My daughter and I had no problem adjusting to the pillows, whereas it took the men about a week or so to adjust, but once they did they both claim to really like sleeping on them. I would definitely recommend Essentia Mattresses to friends and family. By Marcella, Ottawa, On On 11/26/13
I'm extremely satisfied with the Beausommet mattress. I had troubles in my shoulders and thanks to the right combination of support and cushiness I can sleep on my side a wake up with no noticeable stiffness. By Anonymous On 11/26/13
Love love love my mattress-it feels great sleeping on something that is kind to the planet and oh so comfy. My old spring mattress drove me crazy I could feel the springs and would wake up with sore hips-now great sleep! By Alexandra, Venice, CA On 11/26/13
Spent hours research online, and finally decided to get a mattress from Essentia online.
After it's delivered, highly disappointed with the Beausomet model. It's just too firm to contour to my body, not sure it will keep my spine straight. Should have gotten a softer one. By Jessie On 11/26/13
We purchased the Beausommet a year ago and have since had the most incredible sleep. We take our Forma Spa pillows anywhere we go when we travel, and are guaranteed that we'll wake up without neck/back pain...awesome! By David, Vancouver BC. On 11/26/13
I love my Essentia Beausommet mattress and Forma Spa pillow. In just the first few days of sleeping on both, I noticed a big difference in how quickly I fell asleep, and how deeply I slept. I did not wake up feeling achy as I did with my old mattress. They were expensive, yes, but they were two of the best investments I made in my overall health. By Nadia, Vancouver, BC. On 11/26/13
I love my Essentia Beausommet mattress and Forma Spa pillow. In just the first few days of sleeping on both, I noticed a big difference in how quickly I fell asleep, and how deeply I slept. I did not wake up feeling achy as I did with my old mattress. They were expensive, yes, but they were two of the best investments I made in my overall health. By Nadia, Vancouver, BC. On 11/26/13
Have done nothing but recommend your Beausommet king bed. I love everything about it. It was so comforting to know that there is no off gassing, no chemicals, no nothing but pure goodness. I have had back problems for years and finally went out and bought a new bed from a big box store. Bad decision!!! I eventually started looking for something that was going to fit into the lifestyle that I was choosing for myself and my family. I have done more research on chemicals in and around the home and was so lucky to find this product. We bought the bed at the store in Vancouver. What great staff and a relaxing atmosphere. Absolutely one of my best purchases. It is nice to see that there are options for healthy living. Good Job Jack! Jody. By Jody On 11/26/13
Beausomeil is fabulous, slightly firmer than the Dormeuse, but a dream, best mattress in 32 years... of trying to find the perfect one... got it now, never part from my Essentia mattres... By Maria, Ottawa, On On 11/26/13
We've had a king Beausommet for 2 years. It is amazingly comfortable! We are reminded of this every time we travel and have to sleep on an innerspring mattress.

A noticeable impression exists on my husbands side of the bed, so I'm wondering just how long the mattress will last. But, we're still happy with the purchase. By Andrea (State College, PA) On 11/26/13
It's seriously life-changing! I'm not overstating.

1. We can now fit in our bed with our daughter who stumbles in every nite sometime after midnight.

2. It is the most comfortable bed ever!! no need for any accessories like pillowtop, etc. It's AMAZING! beyond my expectations.
By Nicole (Los Angeles, CA) On 11/26/13
Decided to buy a new mattress 4 years ago from a big box store. What a mistake. Lived with constant back pain. Finally decided enough was enough. Really wanted a bed with no off gassing, no retardant, no formaldehyde, glues and so forth. This bed also had to have superior comfort. I tested a temperpedic and could not get over the smell and the recovery time was terrible. Ended up buying a king Beausommet and have not slept better in my life. My husband who has always been a hot sleeper has found that he is cooler at night. I have found that the support in the lower back area is just what I needed. I cannot say enough about this bed. Kudos to Jack Dell'Accio for this wonderful product. Really... I appreciate the fact that I an sleep on a bed that is not made from a toxic cocktail. By Jody P.P. (Kamloops) On 11/26/13
I got my mattress six months ago. I had asked Essentia to deliver it in time for my wedding, and this was done!

It arrived by courier the day before leaving for the ceremony in Port Townsend.

I love the mattress. I have no problem sleeping now. Comfort is never an issue because the mattress is so supportive and cooperative with all of my positions during a night's sleep. I am also pleased that there is no odor of any kind from the mattress. By Sandra (Victoria, BC) On 11/26/13
I have been sleeping on this amazing Beausommet mattress for about five weeks now. On the day it arrived I had just moved into a small workshop a five minute walk from my boat at the marina. I have been working seven days a week - long hours with some heavy lifting and lots of bending etc (read back braking stuff) Now usually when doing this sort of hard out stuff I wake each morning feeling like I have been either run over by a bus or hit by a train. Sore back, numb fingers stiff neck etc etc - get the picture? - well I have over the
last five years or so put it all down to getting older and just plain wearing out!

Sleeping on this new mattress, the very next morning I woke with absolutely no pain anywhere, no pins and needles in my hands, no stiff neck etc and thought, nay just a coincidence I'm just having one of those good days (thinking long may it last cause this feels great) and no way was I prepared to give any credit to a new mattress. I kept this denial up for at least the first three weeks, Jeannie asking me how the bed was etc and I just kept saying I haven't felt so normal like this for years. I would come home from a hard days work very tired, my back a bit sore etc I wake up the next morning with no pains at all and as time has gone by I seem to require less sleep.

I am now willing to admit that all my problems with aches and pains, feeling tired after 9-10hrs sleep were a direct result of a crappy mattress! I find now after 6-7hrs of sound sleep on this mattress I am wide awake and am content to just lie in luxury for an hour or so and then I'm ready to rock'n'roll.

I would never have believed that a mattress could make so much difference to ones life I have a sense of continual well being I have not experienced for many years. Gee's I bloody near had a heart attack with the shock of how expensive this was - Now - I am happy to say we got a bargain!

Every night when I climb into bed I giggle, snuggle down and whisper to myself 'I just love this bed'.

To you all at Essentia Merry Xmas! thank you for the wonderful turn around to my life - this must be the worlds best kept secret 'A mattress that will re-youth an aching aging body' We hope you all have a safe and happy Xmas and that the new year swamps you with orders for your great product and the company prospers and everyone gets to know about Essentia.
By Merv (Vancouver, BC) On 11/26/13
We've been sleeping on our new Beausommet King mattress now for a couple of weeks and my husband and I are feeling years younger. Before we experienced our foam mattress, I just thought I was feeling really old and sore for a 50 year old! What a difference this mattress is making. By Sharon (Cochrane, AB) On 11/26/13
The mattress is great, no more sore backs or sore joints. Restful sleep. Both my husband and I love it and it certainly helps with his asthma and allergies. By Chantal (Edmonton, AB) On 11/26/13
Purchasing our Beausomet from Essentia has literally been the best purchase our family has ever made. This bed is the most comfortable mattress we have ever slept on in our life. I can almost not explain in words how this mattress has basically changed my life. It smells good ~ no chemical/glue fumes at all! My back has not been sore since the first night of sleep on it. We have gone from sleepless nights to waking up refreshed each day after a solid good night's sleep. Our bed is awesome and Essentia was so good to deal with. Knowledge, integrity and passion about their products made it simple to have confidence in Essentia and their products. By Andrea (Fox Warren, MB) On 11/26/13
It is great to find such a fabulous product and then it's Canadian on top of that. If you guys keep pushing ahead with your superior quality products you can't help but have long term success. I am currently living in a small apartment. When i move to a bigger space I plan on buying one of your higher end king size mattresses. If people put a little more money and as much thought as they do in buying a car when they buy a mattress they would be much more happy. By Neil (Toronto, ON) On 11/26/13
Wow! Finally a good night's sleep -- and one that both my husband and I agree on. We are thrilled with our mattress and will order ones for both our children. By Asta (Toronto, ON) On 11/26/13
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