Classic 8

Classic 8

Classic 8

Here's where it begins, where organic mattresses and the physical support of memory foam come together. Only at Essentia.

Natural Memory Foam

Our Natural Memory Foam is made using hevea milk (rubber tree sap). It feels like the memory foam we all know and love, but it's made without the gunk.

See how ➜

How it Feels

The original Essentia feel, a quintessential medium-firm natural mattress that everyone can’t help but fall in love with.

With pressure relief you can really feel, this is one is a classic.

Benefits & Advantages

With 2 inches of our natural memory foam, expect pressure relief only a true memory foam mattress can provide.

The gentle cradle on the hips and shoulders allows for proper support and blood circulation unmatched by any organic mattress.

This best seller is a perfect fit for you and the answer to your search for a uber comfortable, natural mattress.

Layered perfection

  • Zebrano Fabric

    Exclusive to Essentia, this unbleached organic cotton cover is durable, breathable and removable for easy cleaning.

  • Bucaneve Wrap

    Thin protective liner to reduce friction wear.

  • Natural Memory Foam

    2" 5.25lbs Density Natural Memory Foam.

  • Natural Support Foam

    6" Seven zoned natural latex support layer. (Dunlop process)

  • SoftGripTM

    Dovetailed cotton to prevent shifting.

Customer Reviews

67 Reviews
  • We saw immediate improvemen
    by from Vancouver, BC
    Finally we bought a classic 8, my only regret, that I WAITED so long! my wife was waking up with brutal backpain for years...with the classic 8 we saw immediate improvement...I too am sleeping much better, and better all the time! one of my best purchases to date.
  • Asolutely love this cadillac of mattresses! Dreamiest of sleeps!
    by from Calgary, AB
    I've had my Classic 8 for several months now and I absolutely love it!!! This cadillac of mattresses combines support and comfort to provide the dreamiest of sleeps!!! The staff at the Calgary store are friendly, knowledgeable and helpful, and encourage you to take your time--they want you to be healthy and happy, whether or not you buy a mattress!!!
  • The "coolest" bed ever!
    I love my Classic 8 bed......it has a cooling effect which is important at this time in my life when I get "night sweats." It's the difference between sweating in a sticky polyester shirt and wearing a soft cotton shirt where you can breathe. I love the firmness, the natural smell and feel of the mattress. I don't live near a store, so I bought it without trying the mattress. The only downside is now I find it hard to sleep in other beds when I go away. I have such good sleeps on my Classic 8 Essentia bed.
  • Literally the Best Purchase I've Ever Made!
    Wow, wow, wow! This bed is out of this universe!! Within the first 10 minutes of laying down on this mattress when it arrived to my place, I knew this was the best purchase I've made. I could literally feel my body relaxing and decompressing and I can even lay flat on my back (something that I could never do before because of pressure on my lower back)! I felt like I was falling asleep at a spa. I encourage everyone to get invest in their health and happiness and get this bed. While it's hard to leave bed because it is so bliss, it is easier to get up in the morning because I feel so refreshed. Very happy!
  • Not being able to try before I buy.
    Living far away from any store location, I was concerned about not being able to try before I buy. After reviewing alI the information available I was convinced this was the right choice for me and my family. It absolutely was, Essentia makes a wonderful organic product; relieving the majority of my husbands sleep woes. We will be returning customers! Thanks for representing your products in an accurate, clear and descriptive manner. A bedtime revolution, Thank you Essentia!
  • The only thing that disturbs our sleep is our cat!
    We love our essentia mattress and pillows. I was having such restless sleeps because of pressure on my shoulders and hips. Now the only thing that disturbs our sleep is our cat!
  • I tell everybody I know.
    We love our Classic 8. Life changing. You will never want to sleep anywhere else again. I tell everybody I know, one of the best purchases I've ever made.
  • The investment was well worth it!
    My husband and I are thrilled with the purchase of our Classic 8 mattress five months ago. We have never slept better! As a person who had a motorcycle accident two years ago and have struggled to sleep on my hips since... the Classic 8 has allowed me to get restful nights. The investment was well worth it! And as a bonus, we are comforted by the fact that we are not breathing in toxic fumes throughout our nights. Thank you Essentia!
  • Thank you for the gift of sleep!!!
    We got the classic 8 mattress and comfort pillows from Essentia and we have never slept better! Thank you for the gift of sleep!!!
  • Couldn't ask for anything better.
    The classics 8 mattress (and ergo pillow) is the best ever to sleep on. So super comfortable! The product is natural and eco friendly. Couldn't ask for anything better. 10 stars!
  • Took some time to get used to.
    Our Sales Associate was very helpful and very personable. She made our shopping experience very easy and stress free. The mattress arrived on time with some damage to the shipping box, but no damage to the mattress itself. Being our first organic memory foam mattress, it took some time to get used to sleeping on it but is definitely more supportive than our old spring mattress. There is little to no odor/off-gassing smells like other memory foam mattresses which was one of our biggest concerns with memory foam. Overall we are happy with our purchase and would recommend purchasing from Essentia. I wish they sold the water proof cover as well.
  • I will be an Essentia customer from now on.
    I love my Classic 8! It is so fabulous, I can't wait to crawl into bed at the end of the day. I recommend Essentia to anyone and everyone looking for a bed. I love that it is a natural option and there is no nasty toxic flame retardants on it. I will be an Essentia customer from now on! Even the experience of trying the mattresses in the Santa Monica showroom was a fun and relaxing experience.
  • We love it!
    We bought an Essentia mattress since I have an achy back and I liked the use of non-toxic natural materials. The Classic 8 was the right choice for us. We love it! Now that I'm pregnant and mainly sleep on one side at night, it is also great for absorbing pressure and not making me wake up with a numb side.
  • I have slept well ever since.
    I cannot say enough about this product. I purchased the Classic 8 about 10 months ago...I have slept well ever since.
  • We have told all our friends.
    My husband & I bought a Classic 8 Essentia Mattress last year and couldn't be happier! We appreciated the no pressure sales approach while we laid down on every mattress in the store. It has given us a good night's sleep ever since. We have told all our friends. It seems many are displeased with the other brands as we were. Essentia rocks!
  • His hip doesn't hurt any more.
    We are so pleased with our purchase of the Classic 8. It's a comfort to know we (and sometimes our children) are sleeping on a natural surface that does not offgas. My husband has also noticed that his hip doesn't hurt any more at night since we purchased our mattress. We will definitely buy the kids Essentia mattresses once they are ready to move into bigger beds.
  • I feel better every morning.
    I have never been able to sleep on my back, until my Classic 8. Now with my spine aligned, I feel better every morning. I also have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, because I am so comfortable. I have begun to start my work day before even leaving bed!
  • Back and sacrum pain are gone.
    The classic 8 is amazing. We love our bed, we love to travel but we hate to leave our bed and we always miss it while we are gone. Back and sacrum pain are gone; no waking your sweetie when you get up. Treat yourself!!! Any bed by this company is bound to be incredible:))
  • It feels amazing.
    We couldn't be happier with our bed!! It feels amazing and holds its shape like no other. Strongly recommend this product and looking forward to new ones bring designed!!! Thank you!!!
  • I used to really struggle with sleeping.
    The Classic 8 changed my life. As someone with chronic pelvic and hip pain, I used to really struggle with sleeping and often felt more pain after waking up. I sleep soundly in my Essentia bed and am so comfortable - I never thought this would be possible!
  • No more joint pain for me!
    We love our Classic 8! Very soothing and comforting for my husband's back. No more joint pain for me! Extremely important to me that it is all natural and made in Canada. Thank you!
  • Great company, great customer service.
    I love this mattress. I first saw Essentia on at work on Dragons' Den, as I'm sure a lot of you did as well, and I checked it out. As a shift worker, my sleep patterns are all over the place, and as an already poor sleeper, this mattress has been a great help to my night life. I strongly recommend checking this company out. I few months after i purchased this mattress, they had a deal for 2 free pillows (with mattress purchase) and after i contacted them they were more than happy to let me in on the deal. Great company, great customer service.
  • Never sleeps hot.
    Love my bed look forward to falling into it every night! it never sleeps hot always just perfect.this bed is simply indulgent.
  • Always look forward to coming home
    I love my classic 8. I travel a lot and always look forward to coming home to sleep in my bed.
  • I have my best sleeps on my Classic 8
    I have the best sleeps on my Classic 8. Never could imagined a bed could be this comfortable.
  • No more back pain
    I experienced significant back pain with a previous spring mattress, and a couple years ago purchased a Tempurpedic. The mattress was awesome, I thought....My wife was experiencing serious chest pain after purchasing the mattress, and after doing some research discovered that Tempurpedic is constructed from petroleum, which links to heart pain. We were astonished and immediately went back to our lumpy mattress. I was discouraged because my back pain came back after using the memory foam and assumed there were no options for my wife. We eventually discovered Essentia, purchased a mattress and I'm oh so happy once again. My back pain has subsided, I sleep deeply each evening and my wife's chest pain has been eliminated. We also purchased two more Essential mattresses for our children.
  • Essentia found a new lifetime customer!!!
    This mattress is great! I was really nervous purchasing online since we have never been to a showroom. We wanted to go with the lower profile design and are so happy we did! Neither my husband or myself have had issues bottoming out, even when crawling on it (my husband is 195 lbs). The mattress is so comfy...the perfect amount of support and comfort. When mattress shopping at traditional stores, we always gravitated towards the medium feel...this was even better than any other options we had tried! Plus we didn't need to let it air out!!! There was little smell when it came out and we knew it was safe :) I am so relieved and satisfied...essentia found a new lifetime customer!!! If you're in the market for a new mattress and are looking for a more natural route, give them a try! All the reviews are true and this is really the best thing I've done for myself in a long time :)
  • This mattress is not only magical but healthy.
    Over the years we have slept on several mattresses but nothing like this one! We first heard of Essentia when we were doing research on mattresses on the website as we wanted something comfortable, keep you cool and give you a good nights sleep and we weren't worry about the cost as most people spend at least 7 to 8 hours in bed and need to rest well. This one was backed by Brett Wilson who is one of Canada's Dragon's Den guys and not to mention Dr Oz and Anderson. We went into the Beach store in Toronto and the sales person "Paul" was wonderful and told us to tried out a couple of the mattresses and they were so comfortable. We decided to go home and think about it and a week later we called and ordered two of the Classic 8 mattresses, one for each bedroom. Well it is not only comfortable but man oh man you just don't want to get out of bed, so I love my Sunday's as I get sleep in as long as I want to. We also decide to stick with the organic sheets no more polyester for us any longer. This mattress is not only magical but healthy. Their return policy is also great so I would recommend you check them out before you go elsewhere.
  • I sleep better than ever.
    Love my new essentia mattress and pillow set (Classic 8). Not only incredibly comfortable (sleep better than ever), but also thrilled by the sustainable approach of the company -- key reason I bought. Sales process at the Toronto store was incredibly easy; staff very knowledgeable, helpful. All in all very satisfied.
  • Feels great every night.
    We LOVE our new bed! It feels so welcoming and comfortable to go to bed each night. Our quality of sleep is much better than it used to be. We also like that it's a natural product.
  • Great value, great products!
    We love sleeping on our Essentia beds and pillows. We have been using ours for a couple of years and could not imagine ever going back to anything else. The pillows that came free (thank you for your great sales!) with the purchase of our daughters mattress are just what my neck had been needing for years! Great value, great products, great company to do business with!
  • Every night of sleep is amazing.
    Best decision we ever made to buy this bed. Every night of sleep is amazing.
  • Would recommend.
    The buying experience was painless. Personable and knowledgeable sales person. Tested and made the purchase quickly. Mattress delivered (in a box by UPS) on time. Most nights I sleep without moving. Would recommend.
  • I am delighted with my purchase.
    Being initially skeptical about memory foam products - following hot and sweaty nights on a competitor's mattress - I am delighted with my purchase. I consider this an investment, not only in a good night's sleep, but more importantly in myself. If I can wake up refreshed and ready to go, then it is money well spent. We liked this mattress so much, we got a classic for our little girl and Baby Jeanius for our baby!
  • The best $$$ I've spent.
    The Classic 8 Rocks. I don't want to get out of bed. It was so easy to set up. I no longer have to flip the mattress either. The best $$$ I've spent.
  • The mattress truly performs like a memory foam mattress.
    The Classic 8 is great. I love the lack of motion transfer reminiscent of the other memory foam mattresses without the persistent odor. The mattress truly performs like a memory foam mattress. One note: We did get a brief period where the new mattress had a rubbery smell but it disappeared completely within a few days of use, and didn't smell as bad as some others. So, don't be discouraged if your new mattress has a faint smell.
  • Amazing comfort and no chemical off-gassing.
    We could not be happier with our Essentia Classic 8 & Classic pillow mattresses. We had bought another "eco-mattress" just weeks before and returned it because it smelled so very strong and unpleasant (chemically). I contacted Essentia and they were amazing to work with, very helpful as we did not have a store nearby. When we received our new mattresses, we were thrilled: amazing comfort and no chemical off-gassing. I felt very good about our purchase. I knew I was doing something important for the health of my children and family.
  • Best night of sleep in a long time.
    We just got our mattress yesterday and already love it. Best night of sleep in a long time. Our old mattress with memory foam got very hot at night but the new mattress is warm without getting uncomfortable. Also it absorbs movement better so we don't wake each other up and I actually got to sleep in a bit. Good to know that where we spend a third of our life is comfortable and non toxic.
  • We love our Classic 8 so much; we want to put one in our guest.
    No regrets at all. My husband and I haven't had any regrets about this purchase. While my main concern was health (not being exposed to chemicals in other mattresses), a pleasant and unexpected benefit is that we're sleeping better than ever. We don't toss or turn much, and if we do, it doesn't disturb the other. We love our Classic 8 so much; we want to put one in our guest room also. A note about the pillows - the pillows are great, but the classic was too thick for me. My husband likes the classic, but it bothered my neck. I got an ergonomic pillow instead and it was much better for me.
  • Noticeable improvement in our sleep and reduced back pain.
    We are absolutely loving our Essentia mattress. Both my husband and I have experienced a noticeable improvement in our sleep and reduced back pain. Thanks!
  • Wouldn't trade them for anything.
    We love our Classic 8 mattress and Classic pillows and wouldn't trade them for anything. We had a Tempur-Pedic before which was surprisingly hot and hurt my back so were nervous to spend a good chunk of money on another mattress, especially without trying it. We read tons of reviews and were impressed with the info on the Essentia website and company philosophy. We would recommend them to everyone that wants an awesome comfy sleep.
  • It's expensive but worth it. What a great product!
    The Classic 8 mattress is simply amazing. It supports your body for a very comfortable and relatively uninterrupted sleep without molding to your body so much that you can't get out easily. Unlike other memory foam mattresses that is never a problem with this mattress. My husband and I have bought five different types of mattresses over the past six years and none of them stayed comfortable. After a few months on this mattress we are very delighted and really enjoy sleeping on it. The fact that it is natural and organic is what sold me but the comfort level is what got me to write the review. It's expensive but worth it. What a great product!
  • It is like sleeping on a cloud.
    I love my Classic 8 from Essentia SO much. It is like sleeping on a cloud. The pillows are the best part. Almost immediately after starting to sleep on the Essentia, I noticed my aches and pains had significantly diminished and my neck and back were feeling a lot better. It's been hard sleeping alone but the Essentia mattress makes it much easier! I recommended the mattress to a friend who bought one as well. Happiness all around...
  • Absolutely love these wonderfully supportive mattresses.
    Recently I bought two My Essentia mattresses, both in the queen size. For my husband and myself we got the Beausommet, and for my daughter and her husband we bought the Classic 8 as a wedding gift. All four of us absolutely love these wonderfully supportive and non-off-gassing foam mattresses. I had hip flexer problems with my old bed, and that problem disappeared once I started sleeping on the My Essentia foam mattress. We also got the pillows to go along with them for all four of us. My daughter and I had no problem adjusting to the pillows, whereas it took the men about a week or so to adjust, but once they did they both claim to really like sleeping on them. I would definitely recommend My Essentia Mattresses to friends and family.
  • My whole experience with Essentia was great.
    My whole experience with Essentia was great. very knowledgeable staff (in Vancouver), great location/showroom, fast delivery (faster than expected), and the bed and pillows are fantastic. and the warranty is great!! the only thing i would like to see is a presence by Essentia supporting local sustainable projects or helping support important environmental issues.
  • The only problem is I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning!
    The only problem is I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning! :) Everything went well, gave it a couple days to breathe before I slept in it as it was pretty hard after being vacuum sealed. Really the only issue was I washed my sheets with my clothes and I noticed the clothes were covered in lint when I pulled them out. Maybe a pre-wash of the sheets would be nice. So far I am very happy with the purchase and hope to be giving you guys a call back in about 20 years.
  • I'm very pleased with this product.
    After waking up day after day with back aches I finally decided its time for a new mattress. I did some research and realized that memory foam would be the way to go. That is when I came upon Essentia. I was already familiar with their products after seeing them at a trade show a couple of years earlier. I checked the reviews and everything looked very good however I did find the price to be a little high. I decided to go with the Classic 8 and two forma spa pillows. Since this mattress comes with a 20 year warranty i figured the long life of the mattress will help justify the higher cost. When the mattress arrived it was very impressive to see, I regret not taking a picture of the box since it was so small. I couldn't believe they fit the mattress in that box. The shippers installed my mattress which almost instantly took its shape. There was a small smell at the beginning but not as bad as I expected and it went away after a week. It has now been about two months since I received my mattress and I'm very pleased with this product. The first night was like sitting on a massage chair....I felt all my pressure points on my back being supported and it was very relieving. As good as it felt it took about a month before my back aches went away. I went on vacation last week and the only comforting part about coming home was to sleep in my bed again. If I were to do it all over again I wouldn't hesitate knowing what I know now. It was over my budget but the health benefits plus the long life make this purchase a no brainer.
  • What a pleasant surprise!
    I feel compelled to write with feedback on our new Classic 8 mattress because we are simply SO pleased! Initially we couldn't decide between a TempurPedic Cloud mattress and an Essentia. We decided on Essentia for both environmental and health reasons, assuming we might be sacrificing a little on quality or comfort, especially since we were buying an Essentia sight unseen, online. Low and behold, we are delighted that there is absolutely no compromise on quality or comfort with the Essentia!!! Plus, we can sleep easier knowing we're doing our part for the planet and protecting our health as well. It's the best of all worlds! Also, the first night, my partner's shoulder pain eased substantially and my lower back pain completely disappeared! What a pleasant surprise. I love that the Essentia mattress responds to support my joints exactly where they need to be supported. The response time to any shift in movement is impressive and feels intuitive -- it's like the mattress can anticipate my next move! Thank you so much!!!
  • I've never slept better.
    I've had my Classic 8 for a couple of months, and I've never slept better. It took about a week to get used to it, but now I can't imagine living without it -- my head hits the pillow, and I'm out for eight hours straight. My lower back, which used to give me a lot of problems, feels great too. A quick note about delivery: the mattress arrives rolled, in a shrink-wrapped package, and is a bit of a beast to get out of the box. Once you do get it unrolled, it takes a couple of hours to expand to its full depth, and if the box was kept somewhere cold, the surface will feel hard until the mattress warms up.
  • I am sleeping better!
    I am very much enjoying my mattress and would highly recommend purchasing one. It feels as good today as when I bought it and I am sleeping better!
  • Going to bed is fun!
    I do wish the service in French at Essentia were improved, but that does not deter from my great enjoyment of the mattress. Sleep is great, going to bed is fun, I actually can't wait to have time to pick up a pillow to complete the experience. I feel great confidence in the health aspects of the mattress as well, and do enjoy a more restful state of being in general. Thank you for the research and production of these mattresses and I wish great success and long life to the company.
  • The best thing I ever slept on with a bad back.
    Received my Essentia Classic 8 mattress a couple of months ago and it is the best thing I ever slept on with a bad back. The customer service rep was patient and very informative asking about how many people (and pets) sleeping on my mattress to help me select the right mattress. Was concerned as never bought a mattress over the phone directly from Canada. I spent days calling with questions and he was very helpful. Best decision I ever made. Was going to buy a Tempur-pedic but read all the scary reviews about odors, headaches and hot sleeping. I have 5 pets that sleep with me and love it, my 65 lb Australian Shep/Collie who has arthritis in her hips would not get off it. My frolicking 2 Maltipoo pups love it also and I do not feel any of my pets move around at night. Recommending this to everyone. I wish they had a store in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida though. It was fine getting it shipped and due to being in a hurry didn't opt for the white glove service but had friends lift it up the stairs. The compressed mattress (King) was easy to get on the bed and popped right open when the bag was slit. I will never go back to any other mattress. I used to have to sleep with 6 pillows under back and hips etc. Not anymore! I even wake up in the same position (no tossing and turning) Thank you Essentia! Please come to the US!
  • We sleep well and don't move around as much.
    We received our new bed last Monday and we are enjoying it. The first night was adjusting to something different, having the soft cushion of the new mattress instead of the pushback of the springs on our old mattress. We find that we sleep well and don't move around as much during the night tossing and turning. The pillows are great as well. My husband already had a pillow of yours but now i have one as well and we have an extra of a different variety. I have tension in my neck and sometimes have pain and headaches and then trouble getting comfortable at night, but with the new pillows my neck feels got better and more comfortably supported.
  • We are loving it and can't get up in the mornings!
    It arrived the exact day you had estimated. We are loving it and can't get up in the mornings - it is the worst thing for productivity when we are both working from home :) And both of our shoulder injuries are enjoying the mattress - we can actually sleep on those sides, whereas in the past we could not. We are telling everyone we know about your mattresses. My mom will be looking into getting one.
  • I am VERY happy with the mattress.
    I've always been a good sleeper. But even so, I have to say that I think I sleep even better on our new Classic 8 mattress. There are no pressure points, so I get comfortable right away and usually sleep right through the night. Also, I'm almost a senior now and for the last couple of years, I wake up in the mornings with body stiffness that needed limbering up with stretching, or a hot shower. Since sleeping on the Essentia mattress, I wake up with very little if any stiffness now. THAT is amazing to me. I am VERY happy with the mattress. It's expensive, but worth every penny!
    We've had our Classis 8 for six weeks. The FIRST night hardly any sleep as my husband kept waking to see if he was hurting yet! He has had horrible hip pain the last five years, needing to sleep part of every night in his recliner. I've had lower back pain every morning I wake AND carpel tunnel problems beginning in my right shoulder following nerves down to my hand. Haven't slept on my right side in a full year. FROM NIGHT ONE WE SLEPT PAIN FREE, TRUE STORY!!!! SHOCKED US TO THE CORE THERE COULD BE SUCH A DRAMATIC DIFFERENCE IN ONLY ONE NIGHT! A friend had a tempurpedic that she returned due to exscessive heat AND 'smells'..... As other reviewers have stated, our Classic 8 from the minute we unfolded it had ZERO odors, no heat problems. We sleep at night like babies with this amazing mattress wrapping itself around our joints! One of the biggest surprises was the pillow. Previous three months following two root canals and a two tooth bridge I still was dealing with "sensations".... We were soooo reveling in our new mattress and no back pain it took me a full week to realize, NO FURTHER SENSATIONS in the gums supporting my bridge! Apparently, the new pillow properly supports my neck and this problem, too, just went away!!! We thank Essentia from the bottom of our hearts for such a wonderful product! Customer service rep Stefanie made the entire purchase experience easier as she politely answered every single question I had prior to purchase. We are older and were very concerned about spending this amount of money on a mattress. It is the BEST decision we could have made! BLESS YOU!
  • These mattresses are superior to the tempurpedic.
    We love our Classic 8, what a fantastic mattress. We got rid of our tempurpedic and i can say that these mattresses are superior to the tempurpedic for multiple reasons. The lack of chemicals, the superior comfort, excellent customer care to name a few. We did not try these out in the store, but are delighted with our on-line purchase.
  • We BOTH absolutely LOVE our mattress.
    My husband and I spent a long time shopping for a mattress we could agree on. We finally purchased a TempurPedic, but when we received it, our entire house was filled with a strong chemical smell. It was so comfortable, but I refused to keep it when the company rep told me that it had to ""off-gas"" for two weeks, especially after losing my 5 1/2 year old son to Leukemia two years ago. Then I discovered Essentia online. My husband, very hesitantly, gave in and let me order the Classic 8. The entire ordering process was a breeze. When it took a bit longer to receive it than we expected, I called, and felt I received very responsive customer service. When the mattress arrived, we unwrapped it and watched in amazement as it filled out and took shape before our very eyes. We BOTH absolutely LOVE our mattress and now we are considering replacing all the mattresses in our house. It feels exactly like a TempurPedic, but doesn't have that horrible smell. If you order from Essentia, you will be so happy that you did!
  • Can't wait to replace all of our mattresses.
    I am finally getting to the review....it's all these nights on the Essentia mattress that is keeping me away from the computer. Seriously now, we bought a Classic 8 for our then 3 year old son and can't wait to replace all of our mattresses. We are excited that our 10 year old Obus Form mattress is almost done.....well, anything feels "done" next to the Essentia! So our story goes like this. We are strict about what we eat and how we maintain our health...so when our son needed a mattress there was no way I was bringing in one of those awful, chemical filled mattresses into our home...so, I obtained a used mattress from someone that I knew who had already inhaled the majority of the off gassing. Well, our son slept for a night on the mattress and it was horrible so we knew we needed to shop. We came to Toronto with two stores in mind. First stop - Essentia. WOW!! What a bed. We told the (very friendly and helpful) salesman that we LOVED it, but still (reluctantly) needed to shop, after all, we had dragged the kids all that way. He smiled and told us that we would be back. Off we went to store #2 where they had memory foam and other mattresses. The memory foam was good, but just not the same.....nothing compared to the Essentia mattress. We called the Essentia store and said sign us up! The mattress arrived in the time he said it would and it was easy to unpack. I loved that there were NO fumes whatsoever! We had a little pee pee accident a few weeks after it arrived and I almost had a heart attack, but I read the "manual" which basically said not to worry about it. I washed the cover, which was very easy to remove, in the washer and hung it to dry, and it was like new! Now my husband hopes that our son will wake up in the middle of the night and come to sleep in the "big bed" (the OBUS form mattress) so he can crawl into the Essentia. Like I said, we are looking very forward to our next purchase and hope that it is sooner than later. There has never been a doubt that we did the right thing by buying an Essentia mattress! THANKS!!!!
  • It's totally transformed our sleeps!
    We have been so thrilled with our Classic 8 Essentia Mattress. It's totally transformed our sleeps! I confess there were many moans of ecstasy escaping my lips for the first few months following the arrival of our new bed. I'd crawl into bed and sink in to that wonderful mattress and, ...... ahhhhh ... :o) It's been 1 1/2 years now, and that hasn't changed. After we've been away for awhile, we look forward to coming home to sleep on our mattress again! Thanks for your care and attention in making such a great product! Sincerely, Heather
  • Sleeping deep and waking refreshed.
    Purchased the Classic 8 and Ergonomic Pillows in December, everything arrived in great shape and on time. My wife and I are sleeping deep and waking refreshed...sometimes wonder if we moved all night...great product!
  • We love our Classic 8!
    We love our Classic 8 so much, we talk about it when we're on vacation. Plus, when guests come over, we make them test it out to see how comfortable it is.
  • Comfortable, cool...I recommend.
    I have been researching latex mattresses for some time and kept coming back to Essentia. So many companies claim 'natural' latex, but are really mostly petrochemical in nature. Since buying my Classic 8 I have had a significant reduction in back pain & stiffness - even my massage therapist is impressed - and that's only after 2 weeks of use! Comfortable, cool...I recommend Essentia mattresses.
  • So grateful that you have created it!
    I just wanted to let you know that after much research into natural mattresses on the market we chose to purchase your Classic 8 and are so grateful that you have created it! I have multiple chemical sensitivities and have found that some of the other natural rubber mattresses/pillows give off too much of an odour for me to use in the bedroom. After receiving our mattress and letting it decompress and air out for 2 days we haven't looked back! Recently we went away for the weekend and after sleeping on a high quality hotel spring mattress for the night we re-realized just how much we LOVE our bed. Thank you. Sincerely, Knox
  • I no longer have that pain.
    I had bone ache, prior to sleeping on this mattress. I no longer have that pain. It did take me some time to get used to the firmness but that is no problem now.
  • It truly is a very unique mattress.
    I "really" don't do this often and in fact I believe it is the first time I feel the need to send a comment. I purchased a mattress from you about 3 months ago and I suffered from chronic back pain prior to purchasing one of your mattress's and since then have not experienced one bit of back pain which is very unusual. It truly is a very unique mattress and we are completely happy with our purchase and just felt the need to thank you.
  • I always fall asleep too quickly.
    I would like to tell you how comfortable the Classic 8 mattress is, but I always fall asleep too quickly. Well done!

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