The softness you want with support you can feel. The Dormeuse gently contours your body in all the right ways.

Natural Memory Foam

Our Natural Memory Foam is made using hevea milk (rubber tree sap). It feels like the memory foam we all know and love, but it's made without the gunk.

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How it Feels

It's best described as the ultimate soft mattress.

The Dormeuse is renown for its deep contouring support. Expect a soft yet very supportive, cradling sensation for your shoulder and lower back arch.

Benefits & Advantages

It's distinct feel is delivered by combining the best we have to offer, our patented Wholebody Recovery ® technology and accompanying layers of high density natural foams.

You'll experience unmatched full body spinal support, proper blood circulation and ease of movement which reduces sleep interruptions of nREM and REM like no other.

It's designed for next level sleep, used by professional athletes and everyday heroes.

Layered perfection

Customer Reviews

47 Reviews
  • It was a heaven sent.
    In the fall of 2009 I had a horrendous motorcycle accident. It left me with a smashed left collarbone, 5 broken ribs, a right wrist that looked like a pretzel that needed surgery and needless to say pretty busted up. My neck, left shoulder and back were dire straits. There was tons of inner soft tissue damage and living everyday life was just excruciating. All this combined with not getting any sleep from all the discomfort and pain, it felt like my life was coming to an end. I was not able to find any comfortable position and or mattress to help with support I now needed with all these injuries and went many months not getting any sufficient sleep to help with the healing process. I had almost given up and just wanted to end things. By fluke, I ran into Jack, who introduced me to his line of mattresses. It was a heaven sent. With his help and patience, we found just the right one that had all the right pressure, firmness and softness. This allowed me to fall asleep, and keep me in position to give all my injuries the required rest to heal. I don't know what I would have done without Essentia. Thank you Jack for taking the time and putting the effort into helping me. You were a massive part of my healing and can't thank you enough.
  • I love my bed!
    Restless sleep, back ache, general comfort...all greatly improved with this new mattress! I love it so much, I just purchased another for our bed at a second home as it's become very difficult to sleep on anything else! I actually look forward to bed time now. And just using the bed as a resting place to read or even take a nap! All new behavior!
  • It has been such a great investment!
    We LOVE our Dormeuse Essentia beds - we also splurged for our two sons, ages 11 and 12 and bought them each a twin xl mattress. As they will soon enter their teen years, sleep is so important for academics, sports etc, and they love them and sleep like logs! It has been such a great investment! The sales staff at the NYC store were so helpful and knowledgable. Thanks!
  • Thanks so much for helping me to get my sleep back!
    I've just had spinal fusion surgery and my new Dormeuse is fabulous. I was comfortable the minute I got out of the hospital. Thanks so much for helping me to get my sleep back! I really appreciate Essentia's wonderful feel, other memory foams I tried made me sweat or freeze. My Essentia mattress is PERFECT!
  • Sleeping all night is the new normal ! ! !
    Back problems and not sleeping was getting old..... Sleeping all night is the new normal ! ! ! ! Purchase was painless with Maritime Hospitality and shipping was as promised.
  • Now I can't wait to crawl into it.
    I ordered the Dormeuse mattress, there were some hiccups with the ordering process (it was issues with my credit card) & even though it wasn't their fault, they gave me a free pillow for the trouble. That was awesome! I have to say at first I wasn't impressed with the mattress - I expected love at first sleep! My body took a while to adjust to this type of mattress (which I read was perfectly normal). So after a couple months, I started to love it. Now I can't wait to crawl into it. The only big issue I had was finding an appropriate box spring. I like high beds, perhaps they could offer a new product. Overall great experience.
  • I finally convinced my husband.
    The Dormeuse is the best mattress by far that I have ever slept on. I sleep better and have no aches and pains when I wake up. I finally convinced my husband to try a foam mattress and he agrees with me that this is better than any spring mattress and other foam mattresses we have slept on in our travels.
  • My sleep has never been better.
    The Dormeuse mattress is heaven on Earth! I may never leave home because of it. I suffer from chronic pain and my sleep has never been better, Thank you!
  • Totally worth the money.
    I purchased a mattress and 2 pillows a year ago. Sleeping on this mattress has been one of the best experiences I have. The pillow and the mattress especially support my neck, and lower back perfectly. The mattress I bought is expensive but it's totally worth the money.
  • It was well worth the purchase.
    My Essentia mattress has really helped my quality of sleep. It was well worth the purchase. The only things that I would change are for the company to offer a foundation for the bed and to make the mattress thicker.
  • The most comfortable mattresses we have slept on
    We have two extra long twin Dormeuse mattresses in a king size bed frame. They are the most comfortable mattresses we have slept on. When we discovered an imperfection in one of the mattresses the Essentia Customer Service (Ester) responded immediately and resolved the problem to our satisfaction. The company that they used to deliver and set up the mattresses was professional and efficient.
  • I can sleep undisturbed.
    Very very happy with mattress and pillows. Can sleep on back, stomach or side without sagging. Husband can get up, change position and I can sleep undisturbed...nice change from our old mattress.
  • I haven't been awakened by pain in months.
    My wife and I purchased the Dormeuse In January and every night has been a relief since. As a stone mason my body can be taxed and before our Essentia Mattress a full night sleep was unheard of, let alone with any comfort. Between numbness and overheating, deep sleep was fleeting. Now, not only am I able to better regulate my body temperature but I haven't been awakened by pain in months. This makes my wife and I both much happier. Thank you Essentia for your quality of product and service.
  • Essentia has saved my back.
    Essentia has saved my back and gives me a sleep that makes me long for home no matter where I am sleeping. Not only is it a great sleep, but it is a safe sleep. I don't worry about why me or my children are sleeping on, I know it is the best mattress on all levels and that just makes the sleep a little deeper.
  • I don't wake up with any aches or pains.
    I purchased a Dormeuse mattress about a year and half ago. It is the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on. I can sleep in any position comfortably and I don't wake up with any aches or pains.
  • Perfect sleep experience.
    The Dormeuse is the best mattress I've ever owned. All natural, soft yet supportive, perfect sleep experience. Thank you, Essentia.
  • Recovered from my injury.
    I had been out of work for 10 years with a broken back before I bought my Essentia bed. With constant physiotherapy it made for a lot of sleepless nights because of the pain and my bed not being comfortable nor supportive. Once I got the Dormeuse I not only found myself resting peacefully at night, but I also woke up actually feeling rested and recovered able to tackle the new day. A year after I have had my bed, not only have I slept better but I have recovered from my injury more so that I was able to lessen the dosage of pain killers and return to work this year. Something I was told I would never be able to do again after the injury.
  • My morning joint pain had vanished.
    After sleeping on an Essentia mattress for one night, my morning joint pain had vanished and I awoke feeling refreshed.
  • I have less backpain and sleep better.
    Since my purchase of the Essentia Mattress I have less backpain and sleep better. I had friends to stay at my house and offered them my bed. They were happy with the experience and comfort of the mattress. I am trying to get a mattress made for my RV vehicle as I do not want to miss the comfort during my holidays.
  • I would never go back to Tempur-Pedic.
    LOVING the mattress. I am a former Tempur-Pedic owner and would never go back. The pillows are another story. Im finding them too bulky. I liked the contoured pillow better but you dont have them king size. Ive already written to the company about how I would like the contoured pillow king sized. I put my mattress on a Sierra bed from Crate & Barrel and linens from Shabby Chic in Santa Monica. Its my dream bed. The hardest part is pulling myself out of bed each morning. I wake up feeling so rested and relaxed that I dont want it to end.
  • Incredible. LOVE IT!
    I'm now sleeping like a rock and sleeping pain free, thanks to my Dormeuse. Incredible. LOVE IT!
  • One of the best decisions of my life! Worth every penny!!
    The Dormeuse is clearly the best bed I have ever owned! I am chemically sensitive and this bed was absolutely fine to sleep in from day one! It is supportive and extremely comfortable. I am so thankful for it night after night. I wake up feeling refreshed. The pillow is an excellent match for this bed. I am so glad I saw Essentia's ad and called for more information. I purchased it over the phone. One of the best decisions of my life! Worth every penny!!
  • By far the most comfortable mattress I have ever had
    A very comfortable and laid-back shopping experience. You have all the time you need to try out and lounge on a variety of Essentia mattresses without sales pressure. I ended up buying the Dormeuse. It took a few weeks for the body to fully adjust and it is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Temperature wise the mattress tends to run a little warm so I got special heat reflecting mattress pad and sheets that work very well.
  • Customer service was outstanding.
    We purchased two Dormeuse by telephone. Customer service was outstanding. The beds are very comfortable and the best part is not having to smell the toxic fumes that other memory foam beds produce. I have recommended Essentia to friends and family.
  • Even IF you have lame customer service, the bed would make up for it.
    Get your marketing out there! Let everyone know about your beds. I wish all my friends and family had one. My children would be healthier, my sister would be nicer, my neighbor would be happier, etc. If people sleep better, they work and play and love better = peace in the world.. I cant believe how much more beautiful my body, hips, shoulders, neck, ankles feel after sleeping on my Dormeuse for about 4 months now. Even IF you have lame customer service, the bed would make up for it. But that was not true, all of the people i met were kind, informative, sincere and not to pushy. I love my bed. Thank you and my dreams do too. Consumer reports did a rating on mattresses this month and I was disappointed you were not on the list. My only problem now is, I have to cancel my vacation away from home because I cant bring my bed with me. You can edit or post any part of this review. thank you.
  • After two years time I am still happy.
    After enjoying our Dormouse for 2 years I decided to write my first review ever to help others who are trying to decide on a mattress. Two years ago, I spent hours researching and reading reviews and decided on a Tempurpedic. We had that for a month and the odors were terrible and the side of my body that was touching the mattress got sweaty, even though I had never been a sweaty sleeper before. To its credit, the back pain I had been experiencing had disappeared. Thankfully my husband and I were able to return the mattress and I ordered the Dormouse from Essentia. Right from the start it was comfortable, I continued to be free of back pain, there was little to no odor (any odor it had did not have that carcinogenic smell), and no sweaty side touching the mattress. The first week it felt a little firmer than I imagined, but definately still comfortable. After a month it was just right and I was so glad to have found the perfect mattress. After 1 year I thought it was getting softer and I was concerned that it would continue softening until it was too soft. However at 2 years time it still feels just right and I no longer have that concern. It is just so comfortable. There is a little high/firm spot in the middle between where my husband and I usually sleep (I guess we are not very cuddly sleepers), but it does not show when the bed is made nor is it visible with the eye. High/firm means that it feels higher when I lay on it but it is really just a firmer place that hasn't been slept on much. I sleep on the high/firm spot when my husband travels for work. This mattress is still extremely comfortable. In a traditional mattress that I had before the Temurpedic I had a divit in the mattress where I always slept and the springs no longer supported me so I had back pain all the time. This bed is nothing like that. The spot I usually sleep is still supportive and comfortable and I still have no back pain. After two years time I am still happy to have this mattress and believe we will have it a long time. I no longer notice any softening; it has been holding at a steady comfort. And when our children climb in bed for a snuggle they say it is the most comfortable bed ever(they still have springs). When it is time to replace their mattresses, I will buy the Dormouse again. It is such a comfort to know that there are not harmful chemicals and fire retardants that are in Essentia's mattresses. Thank you Essentia for making a luxurious, healthy mattress! Other thoughts to share: 1. Ask for their off-white cover instead of the striped cover which shows under my sheets. If you order it later it is expensive, but if they assemble it with the ivory cover at the beginning there is no charge. 2. Do not use a mattress pad, it is more comfortable that way. You can wash the cover if needed. 3. My husband built the wood frame to put the mattress on. That was lots of fun for him to make a piece of furniture for our house and it was fine for me because it doesn't show. The people at essentia helped us figure out how to build it. 4. Do not order their box springs, they were not very good. Build your own.
  • Worth it.
    Worth it. The Dormeuse is definitely easier on my injured back. I can sleep more comfortably in more positions. The notion that it is less toxic to me and more ecologically benign than the alternatives also helps me sleep at night. So glad this was an option, thank you!
  • By far the most comfortable sleep I have had in years.
    My family has been absolutely thrilled with our purchase of 4 Essentia mattresses. It is such a piece of mind for me to know that my daughters are sleeping on the most healthy alernative in mattresses with no off gassing and harmful chemicals. My husband and I have struggle for years trying to find the comfort we need as we have both suffered from waking up stiff and sore. I feel like a new woman since my Dormeuse arrived! It is by far the most comfortable sleep I have had in years and I have not suffered from a sore back since it arrived! Thank you Essentia!
  • My spinal muscles all release...
    I have an Essentia Dormeuse, owned since August 2010. Each and every night I lay my body down, breathe deeply, feel my body sink, wrapped by the magic cloud layer sensations. My spinal muscles all release, ...and, well, by then I'm asleep. End of story.
  • One of the best purchases we made.
    We love our Dormeuse. Its been a year since we replaced our earlier memory foam mattress with the Essentia Dormeuse King and we still talk about it as one of the best purchases we made.
  • No pressure points anywhere.
    When I lay down on my Dormeuse I feel like I'm sleeping on a cloud - no pressure points anywhere - fantastic!
  • Best purchase we have made in the past 10 years!
    Buying an Essentia mattress is probably the best purchase we have made in the past 10 years! No more flipping from side to side -- Essentia's technology makes you feel like you are floating on a cushion of air -- no more pressure points. We are also thrilled that our Essentia mattress was not made with any toxic glues or other hazardous chemicals. An Essentia mattress should be essential for anyone looking to wake up energized and start their day off right.
  • We LOVE our bed.
    We bought the Unity and my side is the Dormeuse. This mattress is for our boat as we are traveling until our young son enters school. I love my bed so much I look forward to going to sleep every night. I now take my tea in the morning and go back to bed with my laptop and start working there because it just feels so good (I know you're not supposed to do that). We bought organic cotton sheets from www.rawganique.com and both a wool pillow and a down pillow. The wool for propping up and the down for sleep. This whole system is perfection and we are bed snobs. We have a Hastens at home and this combination is just as good and 1/3 of the price. We were extra picky about materials as (like it or not) our son ends up in bed with us every night. He has Nook for his crib but we will be getting Dormeuse for him as soon as he moves to his 'big boy' bed. We were not aware of this company when we bought his mattress. It would have been a tough call. There you have it, a long winded review from a mattress snob. We LOVE our bed. Thank you so much!
  • My lower back pain permanently disappeared.
    After just a couple weeks of sleeping on the Dormeuse, my lower back pain permanently disappeared. This was a chronic pain I had for twenty years that had originated from a motor vehicle accident. One day I was standing, looking out the window and realized that something was missing. The pain was gone and I was no longer standing with my hands supporting my lower back. Ordering this mattress without trying it out first felt a little risky but I have never regretted this purchase. It is one of the best gifts I have ever given myself. I also love the fact that it's not a toxic chemical filled mattress and the fabric cover, which I seem to recall is organic cotton, is very stylish. I highly recommend this mattress to anyone that is suffering with chronic muscle pain. Imagine being naturally pain-free. You can't truly believe it until you try it. If I was endlessly wealthy, I'd buy this mattress for all my friends.
  • Our nights have been heavenly ever-since.
    We have purchased several different brands of mattresses over the past few years trying to find the one that would give us a restfull sleep and solve our back problems. After purchasing and sleeping on the Dormeuse for a month we were uncertain as to weather or not the Essentia matress was really worth the money. We made the decision to change back to our original mattress for one night. But within a couple of hours ( by midnight ) we quickly discovered that the Essentia Dormeuse mattress was definitely worth every penny and swapped the original Beautyrest mattress for the Dormeuse mattress. Our nights have been heavenly eversince.
  • Supports every part of my body.
    I've been sleeping on my Dormeuse for about a month. I love it! This is a mattress that conforms to and supports every part of my body. I have a herniated lumbar disc with chronic mild sciatica. My condition has improved at least 50%. My shoulder and neck don't ache anymore. I was concerned it might be too soft, but it's perfect. I wake up much happier these days. Worth every penny. Me - age 50, stocky, short female. Don't be concerned about your body type. The mattress seems to "fit" everyone.
  • NOW I know what great sleep is all about.
    I'd always thought I slept well -- and then I got my essentia mattress. NOW I know what great sleep is all about. I fall asleep quickly and no tossing. Never felt so rested! After researching all sorts of latext beds for 18 months, I started with an Essentia ENERGY -- needed a bit more support. Exchanged for Dormeuse. Client care is fantastic and fast! I recommend this company to anyone who asks. If you're thinking about it, you won't be disappointed. My mattress and pillows did have a MILD odour when opened. Smells like latex [no surprise]. It's not overwhelming and is dissipating quickly. I've tried petro-based memory foam pillows before and the off-gas gave me headaches/nausea. NOTHING like that from my essentia products. EXTREMELY happy! Thanks to the Vancouver Store for the great service!
  • We bought our Dormeuse mattress around a year ago
    We bought our Dormeuse mattress around a year ago and are currently looking for a new mattress. Although the people at Essentia were good to deal with off the start and the concept of the company is a good one, we have been thoughly dissapointed with the product. I am still waiting for a boxspring I paid for (a year ago), despite several calls to Essentia. On top of that, we find our mattress quite hard and uncomfortable. My wife has had more problems with her back, and I am just generally uncomfortable sleeping through the night. Many nights we spend sleeping on our old coil spring mattress in our guest room. I called Essentia right after we bought the mattress several times with our concerns. We were told that there was a breaking-in period which just never materialized. We actually bought two mattress at the time, an additional one for my daughter which to be fair seems to be much more comfortable for her. It is a huge expense and we've had to suck it up and save for a new mattress. Just thought I would share our experience
  • No pain or pressure points.
    I may not sleep all that much more but the lying awake is a whole lot more comfortable. There is no pain or pressure points and my sciatic nerve has been silent for a while. No toxic fumes - yeah! Well done!
  • Best mattress of our lives!
    Best mattress of our lives! Best customer service of our lives. What an absolute pleasure. We tend to look for the very best product, the most eco-friendly and the best value for money. The Dormeuse and especially the service from Paul at The Beaches Essentia store was outstanding. I will be telling all of our friends about this mattress, about this company and about this store. I was in a car accident a few years ago and have some problems with my neck, shoulder and hip. I have tried everything (including some pedic products not to be mentioned here). Nothing has given me the rest I get from this mattress and pillows.
  • Sleeping on the Dormeuse I almost didn't even feel pregnant.
    We have owned your Dormeuse mattress since Dec 08 and I don't think I've had a bad night sleep since. LOVE IT. I even went through my most recent pregnancy and I feel like that mattress saved my sanity in the last couple months. My first pregnancy on a traditional mattress I had to sleep with 5 different pillows and change positions every 30 minutes. Sleeping on the Dormeuse I almost didn't even feel pregnant. Almost. Thank you!
  • It's really an amazing product.
    I bought my Dormeuse mattress in late April and can't even come close to remembering what sleeping was like before! The mattress fixed so many little issues for my girlfriend and I: we can now stay comfortable and still for an extended period of sleep, our sometimes sore backs have completely gone away, we have no more stuffed noses or sinus blockages at night and finally, and thank goodness finally, NO MORE HOT AND SWEATY SLEEPS! The pill that was tough to swallow initially was the price. But let me tell you, the comfort and relief we are experiencing from this mattress is worth 10 times its price! It's really an amazing product with super-friendly people that have made it a joy to be part of the Essentia movement. All the best!!!
  • My back has never been better.
    If I could only take one piece of furniture out of my house it would be my mattress. I love it! I was diagnosed with a herniated disk and stenosis in my lower back in January. Fortunately my back has never been better after 3 months using this mattress.I sleep soundly and I rise every morning now pain free. Thank you for creating such a terrific mattress. A dollar a night for a good sleep is a price worth paying.
  • The purchasing experience was easy.
    The purchasing experience was easy and it was delivered to us when we were told that it would be here. There was no smell of chemicals with the mattress. It has helped to keep us cool this summer and we look forward to seeing what it is like this winter.
  • If we ever need another mattress, we'll get it here.
    Our interaction with Essentia has been great. We wanted a memory foam mattress that was not petroleum based, and we found it here. We bought a Dormeuse, and after a month or so decided it was just too soft. A thirty second phone call to Rob and a Beausommet was on order for us. A couple of weeks later, a very nice driver arrived at our door (it is a 4 hour drive for them to our house) , took out the old mattress, and put in the new mattress. It is perfect! Rob and his staff were always polite and friendly. The only slightly negative thing we can say is that we had to call to find out information. The first mattress was only supposed to take 10 days, but two weeks later we called and they still hadn't received it - same thing with the replacement mattress. I think they are just very busy and growing quickly, so it is hard for them to keep up with demand. If we ever need another mattress, we'll get it here. via Yelp.com
  • My Essentia mattress fills all my requirements.
    I am so happy with my Essentia mattress. As someone with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), it has been almost impossible for me to find a bed that is safe for me to sleep on. There are organic cotton options but they are uncomfortable. Because I also have hip and lower back problems, I needed something that was supportive and didn't put pressure on my body. My Essentia mattress fills all my requirements. I was very pleased to find that I didn't react at all to the very faint (almost nothing) odour that I noticed when I first unpacked the mattress. After washing the mattress cover and airing the mattress for a day, I could sleep on it with no adverse effects and could smell nothing. It was heavenly comfortable. I have not slept this well in years and years. I work away from home and sleep on other mattresses often. It is always such a relief to come home to my own bed. I will be buying a queen size Essentia in the future. I look forward to sleeping comfortably and safely for the rest of my life.
  • A totally, deliciously comfortable mattress.
    Finally, a totally, deliciously comfortable mattress for both of us. I appreciate that its production and disposal doesn't harm the environment and the fact that it is made in Canada is an extra bonus.

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